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It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: True story!

--- Ring ---

Caller: "Where is my desktop?"
Me: "Ehm... your looking at it?!"
Caller: "No i'm not! I'm looking at a big fish!"
Me: "That IS your desktop!"
Caller: "Oke... thank you... bye..."

I'm so tired...

Journal Journal: Today's newsitem

Oke, 2 out of 4. Today's item was accepted and posted on the front page. As I suspected (yeah Sherlock?) it's more the human factor (read: editor of the day) then anything that decides if the stuff makes the frontpage. Go figure... who would have thought... ;)

Journal Journal: Mmmmm....

I can seem to figure out why slashdot accepts and rejects stories. In the FAQ it gives a number of reasons, and that should be the end of that. I guess it's just the human factor that decides if the story is meant for the public. But it's a shame there is no short explanation why stories are rejected.

Journal Journal: Good 'ol days

When growing up in a low-tech world my first love was the Atari. Me and my kid brother used to play for hours on this console. Now-a-days (i hear my grandpa talking here) kids get bored with the most beautiful games after a few hours. Let's go back to the time Atari ruled the gaming scene!
Media (Apple)

Journal Journal: Story accepted!

Todays story was accepted on the front page. Naturaly it's apple related. You can read it here
Media (Apple)

Journal Journal: Apple all the way

As a big apple fan i've just gotta post this. All the advertisements from apple and more. A great company, but i've got a gutfeeling that there selling out in one way or the other. Can't put my finger on it. Will post more on that subject when i've got some spare time. Until then: Apple to the core!

Journal Journal: Slashdot

What is the atraction? Join me when we go undercover in the world of slashdot to find what the fascination is that thousands are suffering from...

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