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Comment Re:familyâ(TM)s (Score 2) 227

There used to be editors that would look over the content before it was on the front. They would fix glaring mistakes and sometimes grammatical issues. I had it done to one of my posts and I was ever grateful. If the system isn't going to allow a time frame for editing after the fact they should go back to reading over things that have high impact on the front page.

Comment Re:The fix is in (Score 1) 227

I hate that I have to login in order to make the comment section readable. It's my biggest gripe of anything. I used to love this site but with other communities out there this ones has been a solid meh. If it weren't for content more targeted to my interests I'm not sure I would even come by. I really hope they fix some of the problem that I feel that have been around for years.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 341

I thought they had suspected that it will exit the solar system but lost contact with it in 2003. I'll have to look it up and see, I do know that it was set to continue on after we had lost communication and that it has some plaque on it about the human race, it started heading out of the solar system after checking out one or two of the plantes I think it started heading out in the 70's so it could be possible.

Comment Re:Something I find interesting (Score 2, Interesting) 403

actually on that note you brought up something I had completely forgot about. He does have 2 kids... this is what his son Nick did recently.. thought someone here might find that interesting....

Comment Re:so long... (Score 1) 430

I got all excited when I bought my first place 2 years ago. The place wasn't well taken care of and when I was fixing it up I put in a bunch of CFL's for my place. But it just didn't seem right, seriously. My wife in her work space was getting annoyed with the lighting so finally I had some old bulbs laying around and I popped them in, she noticed a difference before I even told her that I had changed them. I still want to use CFL's so I have them pretty much everywhere, except in places that I will be reading. This seems to be a good combo for the most part.

So reasoning here is this, I might have got a lower end CFL or a shotty product, but then I have to ask you, did you ever get a bad colour or light coming from an incandescent bulb? I've bought cheap ones all over the place and never had the issues people seem to have with buying cheap CFL bulbs. It would be my hope that they would make sure that the cheaper ones(probably older 15 year old technology) would disappear and make people more willing to switch over.

So while there might be little difference between the two if you get a high end CFL you will probably find most people get the cheap ones that give off funny colours(at least they seem to to me, but I think Incandescents give off too much of a yellow glow) and people will be less apt to go out and buy them.

I think CFL's will eventually be replaced by better LED's than we currently have. They don't have the mercury, they don't waste any heat creating light(yes CFL's still do) and they last longer. Currently they kind of suck(only currently get bulbs up to 60watts) and they cost a lot more than CFL's(cost of white LED) and the colours arn't quite right compared to the sun's spectrum. But I think that LED's have more of a future as they are still being developed and hopefully they can fill the void with a better spectrum of light than CFL's.

I ramble on too much, basically I like the idea of CFL's and I think people should use them as much as possible, but I can see the benifit of still having incandecent lighting at least for the time being, and this news is sad.

Comment Re:What else can you do? (Score 1) 1246

No cops were called to the scene. Some schools now have a student liaison officer that will do random things for the school like talk to students about being in trouble or dealing with matters that teachers and administrative staff shouldn't be dealing with. In this case questioning a girl and searching her. It got to the point that the officer on staff decided that this person needed to be taught a lesson and called down a female officer to do a search. This girl showed no respect for the staff at the school or the officer. Normally I would say that this went to far but from reading the whole report I say it went just how it should. If the little brat had just admitted to making a mistake she wouldn't have a court date she would have detention or just had to have her dad pick up the phone. Instead she went to the insane streach of slipping the phone into her undone pants while talking to the officer and denying everything. Even when she was found out she still said she didn't have it, and when they found it on her she said it didn't work. This is crazy I hope she gets community service, that's what this kid needs.

Oh and it's not stupid to call the cops, I think a good cop would prefer to put the hammer down on a kid before they actually start doing something serious. Lying to an office I know you think isn't a serious problem but I sure do.

On a side note I wonder if the kid was read her rights and if she had the right to refuse to talk to the police officer like a real criminal does. I've heard time and time again from lawyers you never talk to an officer all you will do is incriminate yourself more. Really though the kid should have just sat there shut up and handed over the phone and took her detention.

Comment Re:Mmmmm... No. (Score 1) 397

What if it is your job not to hand over those kinds of documents to anyone besides maybe your successor? The interview said he was sitting in a room with a bunch of people and there were others on the other end of a speaker phone who were ready to test the passwords. On a very secure system like he had setup it could be bad if he spouted off the right passwords. He doesn't know who's listening and he doesn't know who will use them. At my current job their are two main guys in the downtown office, how they setup the root passwords on the main server is they each type in their part neither of them know the whole root password. Their parts are written on a piece of paper and stored separately in a secure place(I think in a safe). The CEO the manager no one is to have the root passwords, they are god mode and can be exploited, if they are the tech is legally liable(at least here) if they are used and the proper precautions weren't documented and policies weren't set in place. So yeah they own the systems and I guess they own that information that's on the systems so what's the guy to do? Risk getting in trouble for handing out the root passwords to X number of people, or keep them and say that he won't give them out to a random crowd of IT, HR and Managers? Personally I would say lets sit down write up some documents saying I'm giving them to you and I'm not responsible for what happens after. I might also say if this is whats going to happen the signing of that document will be followed by my resignation. I would also request that the root password only be viewed by my successor but what ever. He really didn't handle it correctly, he was stupid to think that they wouldn't take action. This seems a little excessive, like others have said they are just saving face.

Comment Re:Net Neutrality in Action (Score 1) 269

It depends on how it's run if it's setup in a way where you can get tax breaks or funding if you include Canadian content, then it's not limiting you on what you can put on your website. What it would then do is give an incentive to providers to make extra cash by dropping in the maple leaf once in awhile. I don't think this is the same as net neutrality. I would hope that the CRTC would not bock content that didn't fulfill their agenda. I also think that this would only effect canadian sites, but how do you end up defining that? Something hosted in Canada or something from the .ca domain? I just hope that they Mull it over and don't do anything, but I doubt that it's going to be anything really that bad. Just glad I don't have a great firewall like China or Australia... maybe we already do and I don't know..

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 4, Insightful) 413

Exactly. I end up using IE at work because all of the users log into their email wich is run on an exchange server. So when they are logged into their email account they loose some features if they are using firefox compared to using IE. I try to secure things as much as possible using GPO's and such but it still is something that's sore with me. The people who run the mail servers decided a few years ago to only use microsoft solutions. So we are pretty much stuck with it as a standard for almost everything just because of that one system. So far it works pretty good but I could see a few different solutions that would not only run as good but be cheaper and just as easy to maintain. In some cases things could be done better if we weren't so stuck on Microsoft. They really get you hooked all their systems tie together and it's so easy to just say hey were running active directory so we migth as well run exchange. Hey were running those so why not use sharepoint and so on until your in a situation where you don't even want to think of switching to something else. They're like meth dealers. They get you hooked and the shits gonna kill ya.

Submission + - New technology in education

Oqnet writes: I'm the new admin at a Junior High School. They used to have a program where all of the students had an HP iPaq for each student and the connected to a wireless server. This program ran until a year or two ago and slowly died out. Now they are sitting with boxes of iPaqs that are no longer used and are thinking of ways to utilize the wireless. The principal was thinking of rolling out ipod touches to the students so they can stream videos from the server as well as work on documents and connect to the internet. I see a few problems with that as the district standard is Microsoft Server running Active Directory. What would be a good a good solution? Netbooks, ipod touch, or something else? I don't want this program to start up and stall after 2 years I want something that can be upgraded to new technology and has a good development pool for new good software.

Comment Re:A little extreme there, don't you think? (Score 2, Interesting) 872

I agree but I wouldn't say it's as much like buying a car from a car dealership, it's more like leasing the car for a term. They can set the cap on the milage you can take it and they can put in a governer and charge you more if you damage the car removing the governer or go over your alloted. But your point is that they shouldn't be able to limit how you use it, and I don't think there is anything in the contract saying that they can. They don't have any right to decided what is a proper use of your bandwidth that you are allocated. They can't all of the sudden decide to limit how much to use.

At the end of the month if your over your limit that is set(cap) charge them more. If they are only allowed 50gigs of data and they have more charge them per gig or meg or however you want to spell it out. It's not like they are uncapping their connection and stealing bandwidth from the stream. They are using their bandwidth that was given to them to the fullest potential. It's not their problem that the ISP decided to oversell their bandwidth. Thats like saying four people can have 100 dollars having 200 and when Billy spends his 100 dollars accuse him of stealing from the other 3 because theres only 100 dollars between the last 3.

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