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Comment Re:Another visitor! (Score 1) 344

I'm sorry but taxation is not a repressive act. Perhaps in a state, like Minnesota. that has a regressive tax rate it could be considered a repressive act. Even then I don't think it is, lower income people potentially get more from the system that the higher income people. The fact that citizens get something in return negates that it is repressive.

Comment Re:Frist Psot (Score 1) 949

See this is where both you and the parent are right and wrong. Many of the geeks I know agree that college is a waste of time, but they also have read the classics and then some. Some of these "anti-intellectuals" are far more learned and social aware than many of these college educated nerds. Education doesn't need to come from schools, and from what I've seen a degree doesn't tell me more about a person than that they spent money on college.

Comment Re:not necessarily (Score 0) 494

Business software is a sham.... and you obviously don't know what you are talking about. data processing software can run anywhere, plus most if not all of the tools than runs on limux will run on a mac without trouble. Additionally with the wide availability of VMs it doesn't really matter what you host platform is. But I do agree that iCal is light weight, it's getting better but needs a lot of work. AddressBook is adaquate for the needs of businesses.

Comment Re:so you want office works to landscaping and Jan (Score 1) 442

If only everyone was as great and capable as you. I'd much rather delegate. And I do run things in the cloud and it's great. It is far cheaper than building up infrastructure. I don't put everything in one place though. I've got my services up on multiple cloud platforms. Personally I think you made a bit to bold of a statement and are too proud to admit it. Join the real world here. First of all you don't do everything yourself. Maybe your company thinks it does but hiring employees isn't that far removed from hiring another company. In house servers are just as risky as the cloud.

Comment Re:"Creative" (Score 1) 460

I think you've hinted to the point that the article failed to make.

Processes are great, and absolutely required. But if you spend more time on the process than on the work then you have a problem. All the pre-work and planning might save you from a costly refactor once you find out you went down the wrong path, but honestly I've seen projects that had all the tests written up front and months of architecture planning and sprints planned only to jump into development and find that the whole approach wasn't feasible. Had they jumped into coding sooner they could have saved themselves close to a million dollars. I've also seen the opposite, the planning paid off and they had a great product, but they were late to market and it never sold well. Their competitors made it to market faster, their product wasn't as good but it was there and it improved over time.

Also, processes aren't going to protect you from bad developers. It just allows the bad developers to burn through budgets longer before they prove that they are not up to the task.

Comment Re:Dead on. (Score 1) 470

No it doesn't. A personal CMS allows you to keep others inform about you but does very little to help you keep up with others. It shares some similarities with Facebook but it is not even remotely capable of being a replacement... unless you only care about yourself, then it's perfect.

Comment Re:Oh, just great (Score 1) 841

I don't deny that it is a social gathering, I just think that their intentions are less than honorable. They are narcissists... and I am generalizing. Which brings up another point, just going to church doesn't mean you are a conservative. My whole family are liberals and most of them go to church. Most of them are also introverts and shy away from social gatherings. I don't know how to explain that one.

Comment Re:Oh, just great (Score 3, Insightful) 841

"don't spend more than you have" isn't a conservative only view. I'm so sick of the stereotypes. Nearly everyday here in MN we are reminded of how false that is when we hear more about Denny Hecker, a conservative, and his bankruptcy and fraud issues. Liberals are just as likely to live within their means as anyone else. And conservatives are just as likely to do the opposite.

Comment Re:Oh, just great (Score 3, Insightful) 841

I used to think that I was introverted myself. I am also very liberal. I have noticed however that I am attracted to social interactions. I just want to be with people that are like me and that I'm comfortable with. As for conservatives going to church and the like, that is just so they can feel better about themselves. It's not the community they seek, it's the feeling better than the liberal nut jobs like me.

Comment Re:Cue the crying (Score 2, Interesting) 482

two things.... first the recovery that everyone is praying for is being held up by this kind of thinking. Things will get better, not as fast as we would like, but they will. The biggest hold up in my opinion is people attitudes. Too many people are spreading doom and gloom and not making positive efforts for our social well being. secondly, what is the point of making money if the economy falls apart? The Gold ATMs are appearing because of the economic climate, but not because they think it will fail, but because you think it will. They are banking on it not failing.

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