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Submission + - Starcraft MMO Possible

paleo2002 writes: CVG is claiming to have a US source confirming that a Starcraft MMO will be announced in South Korea on May 19th. This is contrary to previous speculation on a Starcraft RTS being announced. Its all still rumors and hints, but the launch of a Starcraft MMO might just mark the end of industrialized society!

Submission + - You Can't Travel Back in Time

BlueMorpho writes: "You Can't Travel Back in Time
"The urge to hug a departed loved one again or prevent atrocities are among the compelling reasons that keep the notion of time travel alive in the minds of many. While the idea makes for great fiction, some scientists now say traveling to the past is impossible. " travel.html"

Submission + - Commercial firewalls overpriced for what you get?

Anthony Walters writes: "We recently did some traffic throughput testing on an OpenBSD server firewall using 'nttcp' and I would like to ask slashdot readers firstly if anyone has performed similar tests on commercially available firewalls and what sort of throughput they measured, and secondly if they think that expensive commercial firewalls are overpriced? We found that at worst case on the OpenBSD firewall, with a packetfilter rulebase loaded, we got a throughput of about 850Mb/s. Which means that, when disk I/O and protocol overheads are eliminated as much as possible, an 800MB file would get transferred in under 8 seconds. More details on the test setup and results can be found here"
The Courts

Germany's RIAA Sues Rapidshare - YouTube Next? 144

Hermel writes "The GEMA (Germany's RIAA) obtained a temporary injunction against 'one-click-hoster' If their lawsuit is successful, the GEMA intends to use it as a beachhead against their next targets, including Youtube and MySpace. From the article: 'According to GEMA, the service ... has at times boasted of making some 15 million files available to its users. The operator had however failed to obtain from GEMA a license for making copyright protected files available ... Through its injunctions the District Court in Cologne had now made it clear to the company that the fact that it was the users and not the operator of the services that uploaded the content onto the sites did not, from a legal point of view, lessen the operator's liability for copyright infringements that occurred within the context of the services, the spokesman added.'"
The Internet

Submission + - Should the "home" browser button be rename

CraveAggregation writes: One upon a time, the web was a sort of ad-hoc network of links. People set up "home pages", full of personal information, whatever strange stuff they did, exits ("links") to other people's homes and so on. Their own "home page" was what they saw when they loaded the browser, their own home on the web, and a special extra-fast shortcut button was added to the browser just for it — just like when you see your homedir or desktop in the local filesystem on a workstation or desktop local GUI. People were often house proud and maintained their home pages, because guests might drop in at any moment. Many had extremely poor taste, and liked little stick man "under construction" signs, but that fine too.

Yet I see countless people using the "Home" button in the browser to point to someone else's pages. Are most people on the web now "homeless", living on the virtual streets or barracked anonymously in some neofeudal corporate lord's vast virtual estates? Even bloggers don't always seem to twig that the home button is there to take you to your *own* home — in the blogger's case, they ARE actually fully maintaining a modern version of a home page for themselves, yet I see bloggers with their "home" button pointing at some pointless corporate site, and their own blog in a deep bookmark.

I think the loss of the "my home page" as a web phenomenon is kind of sad, and contributing to the decay of large chunks of the web into a more one-way medium. So, what's to be done? Rename the "Home" button to "My Blog" or "My Own Site" so that the youngsters these days get what it was always there for? Any other suggestions? Or am I worrying over nothing?

Submission + - Wii Laptop?

PHPNerd writes: "Now you can take your Wii with you anywhere! Engadget is featuring an article about how someone has created a Wii Laptop. Detailed Instructions on how to build your own are soon to follow. The article lists the laptops specs, has details photos, and even a video of it in action. Car rides and plane trips just got a lot more interesting."

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