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Comment Re:Tough sell (Score 3, Insightful) 165

The nice thing (tm) with dropbox is that it is OS agnostic. I can have my files synchronized on all of my platforms - easy. With me being on *nix/win/android/mac platforms (at work/uni/home) it really pays of that dropbox is not requiring me to stay on one OS at all. To make the case with WinZip, if the included zip extractor found in the operating systems where so that you could only open "windows zips" on windows, and so on. Then WinZip would still be in great shape!

Comment Re:What about a Linux port? (Score 1) 84

If we are lucky they will release the entire source code, so that the open source community can work its magic and port it them selfs. I for one would gladly pitch in making source-games for linux if I had the chance :D (Tux -something something- FPS here I come ! )

Submission + - File-sharing law to pass tonight (nzherald.co.nz)

An anonymous reader writes: In New Zealand the National Government's compromise solution to the controversial Section 92A illegal file sharing legislation is to pass into law this evening... Opponents said the law meant internet users could be disconnected without sufficient proof of any offence.

Comment A relevant question (Score 1) 981

Are one to assume that the father and mother of both kids are the same? If they are then the probability for the second kid to also be a boy is increased as statistically a male/female pair is more prone to produce more of the firstborns gender than the opposite.

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