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Comment Re:Metaphor (Score 1) 235

i understand that you think you are using a metaphor (even if it is in fact a simile)
but either way it's false. in a race, you either finish or you don't. in software it's an on going process with (hopefully, but rarely) increasing quality and functionality.
small battles can and are won.
say you have 10,000,000,000 bugs in the system as a evidence.
researchers find and patch 1,000,000,000
is your system more or less likely to have an exploit found?

Comment Re:how does this differ from TCP/IP stack? (Score 1) 86

found more on the allSeen website:

"can communicate over various transport layers, such as Wi-Fi, power line or Ethernet"
"enable fundamental activities such as discovery of adjacent devices, pairing, message routing and security"
"onboarding to join the user’s network of connected devices; user notifications; a common control panel for creating rich user experiences; and audio streaming for simultaneous playback on multiple speakers."

Comment Re:EUV source (Score 1) 32

you guys are cute. several fab companies are already well into their evaluation processes to produce fully patterned 10nm wafers with evaluation CPUs and mixed signal ckts. and all without EUV (*gasp*).

in triple patterning, the third color is typically to produce the notches and orthogonal lines.
it's the double patterning that is mostly for parallel lines.

Comment Re:I block 3rd party cookies by default (Score 1) 106

a "session cookie" is literally a different type of cookie as sent from the server.
aka "transient cookies"
they are typically to follow you around that "session" on the website. not the session in the browser.
but yes, the browsers happen to trash them when you exit. but if you run out of cookie memory, they'll page them out or scrap the old ones entirely.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 459

while this sounds like the recent, growing, rampant, ignorant islamo-phobia, i'm inclined to think it's a tongue-in-cheek proposed reaction to saudi's representatives stating that homosexuality and beer are offensive.

i too find religion offensive, counterproductive, and sometimes outright dangerous, and if governments continue to play such a large roll in handling gTLDs it's the religious gTLDs that should be disallowed (but not .saudi, .sa)

Comment Re:Be realistic (Score 1) 162

Most of people who've put you into this mess are senators and regulators who've since bailed and retired on their multi-million-dollar golden industry jobs.

Get kickbacks, Profit. Insider Trade. Profit. Allow derivative trading with no regulations. More profits. Allow unlimited campaign contributions from corporations. More profits. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat...

What? People are no longer buying the mass-produced junk we're importing from the Tea Party? Sorry about that. Guess it's time for me to bail...

there, i fixed it for you...

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