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Comment Re:Super Cheap? (Score 1) 372

They come in two-packs because one autoinjector may which point, you're fucked. It's not necessarily for a separate individual to use simultaneously, or at a later time. There is also a chance that you can receive instruction (from an EMT / emergency dispatcher / physician, as examples) to provide a second dose of epinephrine to the patient if the first wears off -- 15 minutes may not be enough relief from anaphylaxis for medical professionals to arrive, especially in more remote locations.

Comment Re:Super Cheap? (Score 1) 372

Because you need to have two with you at any given time. Keep a 2-pack in the house, keep a 2-pack in your briefcase, or diaper bag, or whatever you take around with you (or whatever goes with your children, as applicable).

If the shelf life is >1 year, I simply missed that part. It does not state on the official website, so I'm going off the directions on my child's EpiPen Jr. The drug is the same, but the solution & structure of the autoinjector may give it significantly different shelf life.

Comment Re:Pardons aren't for innocent people (Score 1) 382

That is quite clear.

If I was the Executive with the power to pardon these individuals, it more than likely wouldn't happen. I would need highly compelling reasons to pardon, or even commute sentences. As such, I would disagree with any sitting President doing the same, whether it is Obama or someone after him -- not without very significant explanation, at least.


Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 382

A pardon totally absolves the offender of any responsibility. That's precisely why it shouldn't be used in Manning's case. He made a decision which said "I know the consequences of what I'm about to do, and I am choosing to go through with it despite the ramifications."

Commutation of sentences is a possibility, which sends a very different message. The debt is seen as having been paid, rather than being treated like it never really existed (despite loss of actual time served, etc., which is an inevitable outcome of any court proceedings & sentencing).

Comment No. (Score 3, Insightful) 382

Manning served in the US Army, during which time he violated not only regular US law but military law as well. Regardless of the specific information released or his intentions, he didn't go about it the right way. He was briefed on the consequences; he knew what he'd be getting himself into.

Pardoning him at this point sends a message to others, indicating their punishment won't be as strict so long as they "had good intentions". Integrity means making the tough choices especially when the consequences are most dire.

Comment Re:All for education, but... (Score 1) 291

Indeed. I find the trend similar to the differences between driving an automatic versus manual gearbox vehicle. In my old '66 pickup, when I still had it, I needed to stay engaged at all times in order to drive safely. With my modern truck, I find myself becoming distracted more easily, because it requires fewer variable inputs. Granted, I'm still a more cognizant and capable driver than 99% of the motorists in my area, but I recognize that difference in attentiveness and behavior.

Comment Let's propose an alternative (Score 1, Insightful) 406

How about we propose that anyone visiting Newt Gingrich's website should be charged with a felony? It's just as harmful.

His proposal does just as much to undermine the Constitution of the United States as any AQ or ISIS propaganda. Let's all be glad he no longer holds public office, and hope he never does again.

Comment Re:What next? (Score 1) 147

The shotgun's pieces are very clearly an amalgamation of other weapon parts. Magazine, grip, fore-end, sight, upper rail, etc. have all been blatantly taken from a variety of weapons and pieced together as something new. I can't see all of the details of other assets from work, but that one is a pretty easy sell.

Even in the best case scenario (for them), Trek's integrity will be in question from here on out.

If the asset theft is relegated to only 1 in-game model, then the whole thing could be chalked up to a single employee making a very poor decision on behalf of the company (something like this would probably be explicitly prohibited in one's employment contract). They'd get to the source, correct the wrongdoing, and apologize to Activision and their customers, hopefully regaining consumer confidence in the long term.

If the case is severe, then they can't be trusted at all and are undeserving of further consumer interest and money. They'll reap what they have sown.

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