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Comment Re:Who works for whom? (Score 1) 299

(as an aside, WTF is up with systems that do not allow special characters in passwords? Are they worried about SQL injection? If that's possible from a password field, the system is FUBAR.)

Agree on all counts, but especially especially this. I can't stand when websites, particularly ones upon which I'm planning financial transactions, have arbitrary limitations to their PW length or allowable characters.

On more than one occasion, I've started the new account creation process, just so that I could see what limitations a website imposed, and started working through my own thought process with that knowledge. "Ok, so if I wasn't allowed special characters, but needed to have at least one numeral, and 8 digits or more... I would probably have chosen ..."

So, does Slashdot still have this silly restriction on characters used in passwords? My username is taken from the message that I got when trying to use a forbidden character when selecting a password for Slashdot.

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