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Comment 2017 - Return Of Common Sense? (Score 1) 167

So this HP is like the Porsche 911 R of the laptop world? Something that isn't just about numbers, but actual utility? I, for one, welcome the year 2017 as the Year Of Common Sense. I can certainly think of some things that could use it... The global economy, immigration policies, and this Internet of Things nonsense for example.

Comment Re:Germany has way more problems than Facebook (Score 2) 321

I agree. Unfortunately the socialist way of handling with these things has always been to push their agendas down people's throats, with censorship an/or force if necessary. When you have a system that sounds good on paper but -- when applied -- is contrary to human nature, then simple free will isn't going to cut it.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 1) 373

This, very much this. In the optimistic nineties anything was acceptable, and some countries *cough Sweden cough* decided it was their holy duty to welcome the world. In fact so much so, that it became the official dogma.

Well, guess what? There is, in fact, a reason that not all people of different cultures get along (hint: they will not adapt but instead bring a value system of their own), and a reason why, in most of history, only people with skills valuable to the community have been welcomed.

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