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Comment Re:One big mess (Score 1) 386

The thing that young innovators tend to ignore is that things are usually the way they are because of a reason, even if the reason is not readily apparent. Now that doesn't mean that there's never room for improvement, and sometimes it even happens that the original reason is no longer there, but usually things are a result of a long evolution where thousands of hours have been spent on every detail, and it is unlikely that a complete overhaul will result in a better user experience.

Comment Re:governments (Score 3, Interesting) 360

Thank you for that very sincere and interesting post. Now there is just one thing I'd like to ask you that I didn't quite get: You mention "social support", what kind of social support do you mean? What kind of social support do you think would enable high immigration and still enable integration? Many Western societies have tried throwing money at the problem, and unfortunately that hasn't worked very well.

Comment Re:The designers have taken over (Score 1) 139

Their vision is "to make beautiful, engaging experiences possible on the Windows platform." Um, I don't want engaging experiences, I want my OS to do what I ask it to, in a consistent and effective manner? It really seems that we have come to a point, where decades of research on UIs is being effectively tossed away, in favor of cheap tricks and simple eye candy.

Comment In other words... (Score 1) 123

alternative headline is "Uber Hires a Nasa Veteran With Severe Dementia?" We've had this flying car scenario before, it's a repeating theme, much like virtual reality. Then again, I'm not the one speaking out against some Boom-Leelo-Dallas-Multipass action, so go right ahead.

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