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Comment Fusion Hybrid Owner (Score 3, Interesting) 374

I'm own the much maligned 2013 Fusion Hybrid, and my current tank is averaging about 44 mpg. My work route currently averages between 43 and 50 mpg.

My driving conditions are a mix of heavy suburban traffic and stretch of 25-55 mph interstate, with speeds averaging 15-20 mph during rush our. The terrain is rolling hills, with a delta of about 200 feet.

On a warm (T >70 degree), dry day with no wind and little traffic, the car will easily get the 47 mpg.

Temperature has a large impact on the mpg. The same example above in 25 degree weather will net about 36-38 mpg, consistent with the reporting done over the winter. Obviously, cold starts and running the defroster has a big effect, and the electric traction motor eats away at the battery much quicker at lower temps.

Rain will cut the mpg on my work route to about 43 mpg, and the extra drag is very noticeable. A headwind has the same effect. Tailwinds are fun though, and it kinda feels like sailing when the ICE is off.

Cruising at 55-60 mph on the highway, in no traffic on a warm, dry, and windless day, I can get the 47 mpg.

A quick temperature and mpg plot (assuming dry, windless conditions) looks like:

(T deg F, mpg): (25, 36), (30, 38), (40, 40), (50, 43), (60, 45+), (70, 47+), (80, 45).

There is some roll-off at the higher temps because you have the A/C running.

Driver style has a huge impact on observed mileage, and this cannot be stated enough. My wife is your typical, jackrabbit starting, bumper riding, race-to-red driver. Her mpg is far worse than mine. I doubt she's ever seen 40 mpg. A trip that I can do at 45 mpg, she'll get 36 mpg. I've tried to coach her on the basics of hybrid driving, but she just doesn't get it. I imagine a lot of people are the same way. You either "get" how to drive a hybrid, or you don't.

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