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Comment Re:a voice from behind the iron curtain (Moscow, r (Score 1) 956

Congratulations on the new baby!

I found your comments interesting - I was just ranting the other day somewhere on my site that the Iron Curtain wasn't destroyed, it was just imported into the US. While your country is gaining freedom and respect throughout the world, ours is losing it at a frightening pace. A few years from now, you might look back and be glad you got out while you still could!

It will be ironic to our children, years from now, that all the old American movies showed Russia to be an evil empire police-state, versus the benevolent, free United States. That idea will surely seem ludicrous when your country is prospering nicely and enjoying your new-found freedoms, and American children are providing a DNA sample to their video player's DRM system just to be able to WATCH those old movies.

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