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Comment Reopen the Gate of Ijtihad! (Score 1) 564

Reopen the Gate of Ijtihad using the same critical methodologies to examine the Qu'ran, Hadith, and Sharia that Christians and Jews started using on the Bible over 250 years ago and the problems will evaporate. "Radical Islam" will be reduced to a strange, rag-tag curiosity, like the Westboro Baptists, holding signs "God Hates Yemen!" at funerals.

If Muslims are honest with themselves, they'll realize it has already started. I'm an idol-worshipping atheist (Buddhist flavoured), and get along great with my devout Muslim friends because we all agree that our most profound message is heart-wrenchingly simple: COMPASSION.

Comment Only one thing matters now (Score 1) 439

The Buddha was asked about the origin of the world.

He responded with a parable [well, my paraphrase thereof]:

"A man on a battlefield is struck by an arrow, and is bleeding badly from the wound.

What does he do? Does he calculate the trajectory of the arrow? Does he measure wind velocity? Does he survey and study his enemies' skills in archery to determine who among them could shoot so accurately? Does he analyze the composition of the arrowhead? Does he study the feathers? Does he evaluate the straightness of the shaft?

No, he removes the arrow and quickly binds the wound so that he does not bleed to death."

Global warmng: A, or non-A no longer matters. What matters now is where to move every coastal city, town, village, and port...where to move hundreds of millions of people...where to move agriculture...where to move civilization.

And, of course, how much it will cost you and your descendents.

Comment Only one thing left to do! (Score 1) 467

There's only one thing left to do, and it doesn't matter if GW is A, or non-A. Move every coastal city to higher ground, because we all know the fossil fuel cartels will not stop making money off this stuff until there's and more money to be made.

Any estimates on how much it'll cost to move New York? And Los Angeles? Barcelona? Boston? London? Shanghai? Tokyo? Bangkok? Mumbai? The Netherlands? Sydney? Venice?

I'm glad it'll be your grandchildren footing the bill.

Comment Re:Torrents != pirating (Score 1) 117

"Who on earth came up with that headline?" (Errr...the one posting it maybe?) From the WMD Handbook: Divert attention away from the original article, news report, or incident immediately. Guide the discussion towards safer topics, preferably topics embarrassing and controversial to "The West", but any topic will do. If this diversionary tactic fails, insults are you next course of action. Intimate that the commentator is unemployed, hides in his parents' basement, has no girlfriend, is a drug addict, etc.

Comment Re:Do Chinese leaders feel no guilt? (Score 1) 146

"Do not engage in dialog. Never answer difficult or revealing questions if the answer does not promote the interests of The Party. The path to successfully guiding Internet communications in online forums away from areas damaging to The Party is simple. First, direct the attention of the reader away from China and the original question. For example, if Liu Xiaobo's name is mentioned, immediately bring up Bradley Manning. If they bring up the 6.4 Incident, respond by pointing out Waco and Kent State (see attachments for historical context). If this should fail, resort to insults and name calling. By diverting attention away from uncomfortable questions, questions which have unflattering answers, harmonious dialog will be encouraged." (from The Wumao Dang Handbook)

Comment iSlavery (Score 1) 1303

Being roused from my sleep in a factory festooned with nets to prevent me from committing suicide would be a close approximation of worker hell. I've got other ethical problems, and don't need to make poor Chinese wage-slaves one of them.

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