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Comment Re:Team Fortress (Score 1) 183

Looks like team fortress 2, albeit with less hats.

I kinda got a feel of TF2 + World of Warcraft, at least for gameplay and art direction. The energy/magic effects, armor style, and voice acting were very WoW while the combat, classes, cartoony cell-shading, and gameplay looked very much like TF2. There's a damned Gnome building a sentry gun FFS.

I'd guess it will be one of those games that's poorly received (or completely flops) because it's really just a conglomeration of ideas from previously successful games and most players will get a strong feel of "been there, done that." Whatever happens, hopefully they can avoid the horrible micro-monetization that's poisoned TF2 but knowing Activition-Blizzard that seems unlikely.

I don't know about that. That is kind of Blizzard's thing. Taking good ideas from other companies/games, refining them and making them their own. Was Diablo the first hack and slash ARPG? No, but every H&S ARPG that has been made since has been called a Diablo clone. First RTS? Nope but Warcraft and Starcraft were very popular and made a large impact on the genre. WoW was not nearly the first MMO but certainly the biggest subscriber base and most well known. Almost every MMO since has been called a WoW clone.

Comment Re:Dum dum dum (Score 1) 1006

Actually this was true for a long time but I started playing again about two years ago and they made it much easier to play solo. I leveled a Monk to 30 solo except for the subjob quest, a high level player helped with getting the skull. I then quit because of real life. But just recently started playing again for the new expansion. It is even easier to get by solo now.

Comment Re:Always on = !on (Score 1) 592

Sure it does, company produces crippled platform, protest by not buying it. Perfectly valid reason.

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid my friend...

As usual on slashdot you're only thinking of your own usage. My wife and kids have a Wii and a few games, all of which have only ever been played in our house. It makes no difference whether the games are tied by DRM or fucking voodoo to our machine, we're not going to sell them on anyway, except possibly if we sell the whole thing, console and all (not that anyone would buy it, I suppose).

So what you are saying is you are a pot and that kettle is black. You are not the target demographic here. You have a now previous generation system and have a "few" games for that system. They need to and should want to please the gamers that are avid consumers. That go out and monthly if not weekly buy games.

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