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Comment Took my son's graphics card off line (Score 1) 254

A Windows 10 update removed ALL of the graphics drivers for my son's GTX-1080. This despite trying to block them as much as possible.

Fortunately it was a small matter for the tech-savvy kid to reinstall them, and if not, I could have managed, but imaging if we had been clueless consumers spending significant cash on a gaming PC, that Microsoft now "broke".

I think the next time it happens I will send them a bill for our time: I consult at $350 an he at $175 an hour.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 258

Slashdot is a website composed of comments from a wide variety of people. Since the first year of Slashdot, I have seen a variation of this reply over and over again, almost as prevalent as hot grits, natalie portman, and first post. That sweet cry of Hypocrisy! as if the commentor has discovered some conspiracy by a non living entity website.

Comment Richard Garriott's DND1 (Score 1) 63

I was a big fan of Arrowbridge duing the BBS days. Reminds me of the old top down rogue like games. Richard Garriott recently had a contest to port his first BASIC game to a web platform.

You have to use the name SHAVS to play the game (that is what was in the original source code).
And hit No for instructions.

Comment Re:It all comes down to payroll (Score 4, Informative) 271

As a former H1-B visa holder, current lawful permanent resident, and eligible for U.S. citizenship, you should know that the LAW requirs H1-Bs to be paid at least 90% of the prevailing wage, the employer to handle their INS legal expenses, AND bear the cost of sending them and their family home when they are layed off or their visa expires. H1-Bs generally cost MORE than locals, with all the extra hassles.

Now, where I would likely agree with you is that many companies BREAK those laws to bring in cheap labor, something which I would opose as well.

Comment Disorderly Conduct (Score 1) 894

Yes, it's called "Disorderly Conduct", and is a misdemeanor most places.

HOWEVER, which that might explain a violent response, it does not excuse it: if you assault or kill someone because of what they say to you, even though their actions are criminal, so is your violent response. The proper response is a harassment charge.

Furthermore, that covers speech directed at you, not indirect speech intended for anyone who cares to listen: If I call a black man a nigger, I can certainly expect a punch (or worse). But, at least in the U.S., with it's First Amendment, I can write all the books and cartoons about niggers I want, without breaking any laws. Your recourse, if I offend you is simply to shun me.

Comment What is docker? Docker is... (Score 4, Informative) 88

Docker is a lot of things, all rolled up into one so it is difficult to describe without leaving out some detail. What is important to one devops person might be unimportant to another. I have been testing docker for the past few months and there are a couple of things about it that I like quite a bit.

I have to explain a couple of things that I like about it before I get to the one that I really like.

1) It has a repository of very bare bones images for ubuntu, redhat, busybox. Super bare bones, because docker only runs the bare minimum to start with and you build from that.

2) You pull down what you want to work with, and then you figuratively jump into that running image and you can set up that container with what you want it to do.

3) (this is what I really like) That working copy becomes a "diff" of the original base image. You can then save out that working image back to the repository. You can then jump on another machine, and pull down that "diff" image (but you don't even really have to think of it as a "diff", you can just think of it as your new container. docker handles all the magic of it behind the scenes. So if you are familiar with git, it provides a git like interface to managing your server images.

It does a lot more than what I describe above, but it is one of the things I was most impressed with.

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