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Submission + - What are you reading these days?

oik writes: I am probably getting old but my attention span is waning when it comes to books as it feels that writers these days are paid by length and not by content. A review of the film Gladiator summed it up well with, "A long film does not an epic make." After recently waded through the first three books in George R R Martin's Game of Thrones series waiting for anything to happen I decided it was time to cast faith to the wind and ask of the Slashdot crowd, "What are you reading these days and is it any good?"

To get the ball rolling and attempt to prove to myself that I am not just a gumpy old man, here's a list of 10 books which I would recommend to anyone who asked me the same question:
  • The Red Queen — Matt Ridley
  • How We Die — Sherwin B. Nuland
  • Complete Works — Raymond Chandler
  • Altered Carbon — Richard K. Morgan
  • A Fire Upon The Deep — Vernor Vinge
  • The Forever War — Joe Haldeman
  • Starship Troupers — Robert A Heinlein
  • Reality Dysfunction — Peter F Hamilton
  • Uncle Sam — Steve Darnall and Alex Ross
  • Withnail and I [Screenplay] — Bruce Robinson

Submission + - Dec 7th: 1st revolution attempt on banking system (bankrun2010.com)

Ariastis writes: On December 7th, a social revolution attempt will be taking place in Europe and all over the World. The Bank Run 2010, a movement started in France, invites citizens all over the world to empty their bank accounts in order to cause a meltdown of the traditional banking system by making the banks run dry on hard currency (Most banks keep only around 10% of their total account value in hard currency). In their own word : We, the citizens of the 21st century, heirs of generations who have sacrificed so that we may live free and dignified, demand the creation of a CITIZENS BANK- serving citizens, a bank that would put our money away from speculative fever, free of all financial bubbles designed to burst one day, free of operations that transform our loans & assets and use our debt to buy other assets."

Game Industry Vets On DRM 372

An anonymous reader points out an article at SavyGamer in which several game industry veterans were polled for their opinions on DRM. Cliff Harris of Positech Games said he didn't think his decision to stop using DRM significantly affected piracy of his games, accepting it as an unavoidable fact. "Maybe a few of the more honest people now buy the game rather than pirate it, but this sort of thing is impossible to measure. You can see how many people are cracking and uploading your game, but tracking downloads is harder. It seems any game, even if it's $0.99 has a five hour demo and is DRM-free and done by a nobel-peace prize winning game design legend, will be cracked and distributed on day one by some self righteous teenager anyway. People who crack and upload games don't give a damn what you've done to placate gamers, they crack it anyway." Nihal de Silva of Direct2Drive UK said his company hasn't noticed any sales patterns indicating customers are avoiding games with DRM. Richard Wilson of TIGA feels that customers should be adequately warned before buying a game that uses DRM, but makes no bones about the opinion that the resale of used games is not something publishers should worry about.

Why Time Flies By As You Get Older 252

Ant notes a piece up on WBUR Boston addressing theories to explain the universal human experience that time seems to pass faster as you get older. Here's the 9-minute audio (MP3). Several explanations are tried out: that brains lay down more information for novel experiences; that the "clock" for nerve impulses in aging brains runs slower; and that each interval of time represents a diminishing fraction of life as we age.

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