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Comment CCHIT is SH*T (Score 2, Interesting) 92

I spent a few years working as a software engineer for two electronic medical records companies. The second company certified some of its software with CCHIT. From that experience I can tell you that the CCHIT requirements are idiotic, and don't lead to better patient care, or better software for that matter. They are a hoop businesses jump through (both software companies and clinics). There are states that offer tax incentives for physicians that use CCHIT certified software. I know we spent a lot of time and effort implementing stupid features that were supposed to enhance security around patient data, help the physician provide better patient care, etc. In many cases these "CCHIT features" did just the opposite.

Its really disheartening when you write software all year to provide useful tools for doctors that improve the standard of care, and then have a bunch of useless and counterproductive features slapped on because of an upcoming CCHIT certification.

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Releasing 8-Core Niagara 2 Processor

An anonymous reader writes: Sun Microsystems is set to announce its eight-core Niagara 2 processor next week. Each core supports eight threads, so the chip handles 64 simultaneous threads, making it the centerpiece of Sun's "Throughput Computing" effort. Along with having more cores than the quads from Intel and AMD, the Niagara 2 have dual, on-chip 10G Ethernet ports with crytopgraphic capability. Sun doesn't get much processor press, because the chips are used only in its own CoolThreads servers, but Niagara 2 will probably be the fastest processor out there when its released, other than perhaps the also little-known 4-GHz IBM Power 6.

Submission + - California Voting System Code Reviews Released (

zestyping writes: "Today, the California Secretary of State released the reports from what is probably the most comprehensive analysis of voting system source code to date. The reports cover optical scan and touchscreen voting systems by Diebold, Hart, and Sequoia that are used in many California counties.

Whereas the "red team" reports released last Friday described specific attack scenarios, these reports offer a detailed analysis of the software architecture and source code. All three reports identify significant security weaknesses in the respective systems, including susceptibility to tampering of voting machine firmware, the possibility of viral propagation, and vulnerabilities in the central election management software.

The Secretary of State has until tomorrow, August 3, to decide whether to decertify any voting systems, because she is required to give six months' notice of decertification before the California primary election next February."

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