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Comment Re:It's Japanese, not French (Score 1) 134

It wouldn't make sense for him to romanize it like that. His target market is regular Americans who are not at all familiar with the Japanese language.

They would pronounce "sake" to rhyme with "wake" (as in wake up) or "hake" (as in the fish). They are much more likely to pronounce "saké", using a diacritic, correctly.

The correct romanization scheme to use for Japanese depends entirely on the context.

Comment Re:This was done a few years ago (Score 1) 107

Also, technically he's not a "soldier". He's a "marine". Us Army guys are "soliders" :)


Lance Corporal Craig Lundberg, 24, from Walton, Liverpool, lost his sight while on patrol with the 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster's in Basra in 2007.

How is he a marine? He appears to be a British soldier. The British Marines are nothing like the US Marines - they are commando units used for specific, maritime activities, rather than being general purpose, semi-elite troopers.

Comment Re:They still don't get it though (Score 5, Insightful) 139

Internet Spaceships are SERIOUS BUSINESS for a lot of the people in EVE, who tend to be much more in to the game than players of other MMOs. If the Devs didn't come down hard on this, the forums would be in open revolt.

Note how, at the end of the article, they are careful to inform us that no Devs were involved in carrying out the exploit. The last time a big story like this broke, it was to do with a Dev cheating, and the players were in uproar.

Eve is all about breaking the 4th wall. Hell, CCP employ a real, Phd-equipped economist to analyse their game, and provide market analysis every few months. The spy scene in Eve is quite famous too - most of that is carried out through mechanics outside of the game. Eve is not WoW, the userbase demand a completely different treatment of bugs such as this, that could potentially effect the balance of in-game politics.

Comment Bastard. (Score 1) 277

You guys know that, In the UK at least, git is a moderate insult with the same meaning as bastard? Why, just earlier today a friend of mine referred to me as a "Jammy Git".

At least it will make any future lectures on Perl I attend more interesting.

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