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Comment Re:So you are taking Economist seriously. (Score 1) 98

i guess you have never read it before. Economist is a private interest mouthpiece that serves whatever their financiers tell them to do, depending on what their backers need as policy at any given period. Judging from the contents of your summary, one can easily say that this time the group they are licking the boots of is RIAA.

Look at how dumb you are.

Comment Re:Was Not Impressed at All (Score 5, Insightful) 955

As lovely as the conclusion was for the characters, it does nothing for the viewers who were sold for 5 seasons on the concept of the mysterious island with shitloads of secrets which give rise to even more questions that would eventually be answered. Unfortunately that is not what we got. It feels like the writers painted themselves into a corner and were unable to come up with a satisfactory wrap up regarding the island's secrets so instead gave us as pseudo-Jacob's Ladder ending. No thanks.

Comment Re:What stops malicious content? (Score 1) 98

On a side note in mentioning pirate software as a means to distrubute these infections. Apparently a lot of free Virus checkers deliberately give false positives on pirated software, particularly keygens. I wonder if companies pay free virus checkers to falsely mark as positive keygens that pirate their software

I'm not saying you are wrong, but this seems highly improbable to me. Can you post a link to some documented proof that this is true?

Comment Re:can't see the forest for the trees... (Score 1) 272

How about a reason or two why this is a joke? Why, oh knowledgeable gamer, is this game not worthy? Please tell me as I obviously have no idea what a good game is. Seriously though. You people claiming that there have been no good games in the last year (or decade, depending on how curmudgeonly you are feeling as you type) are simply full of shit.

I had more to type here but I give up. Arguing on /. is just about the most pointless thing a person can do. Fuck it.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 400

A lot of you don't seem to realize that this is just one publisher. No one mentioned BioWare, Fireaxis, EA, etc. TBQH, I don't really care. A clever and useful UI that gives you all the in-game help you could need would be a lot easier than paging through manuals looking for that one thing you need.

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