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Comment Re:The precedent needs to be set (Score 1) 84

Can it be that while we (the USA) strictly prohibit participation in bribes, pay-offs, and gifts to overseas customers, putting us at a big competitive disadvantage , hanging a security badge on the sale insulates our vendors from further ethical obligation? Is that it?

Don't bother asking regular Cisco employees in silicon valley. In today's employment climate, we certainly cannot expect domestic employees of our multinationals to say anything - they're all afraid of defaulting on their mortgages, at the least.

Comment Re:It's a tough job (Score 1) 518

More like Guilds - and part of the reason they're eating it now is that they've been functioning like a Guild, just like the (sell out) auto and iron worker unions did. As long as their own nests were feathered, they not only didn't care about the other unions, they joined in the Republican decades long project to disenfranchise and undermine them. Where were the pilots when PATCO was trashed? Along with the mechanics, they crossed the lines.

FBI Bringing Biometric Photo Scanning To North Carolina, Via DMV 221

AHuxley writes "The FBI is getting fast new systems to look at local North Carolina license photos via the DMV. As the FBI is not authorized to collect and store the photos, they use the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. The system takes seconds to look at chin widths and nose sizes. The expanded technology used on millions of motorist could be rolled out across the USA. The FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System is also getting an upgrade to DNA records, 3-D facial imaging, palm prints and voice scans."

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