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Comment Changing clocks != DST (Score 1) 352

Don't confusing the effects of *changing clocks* with the effects of Daylight Saving Time. Changing clocks is crazy disruptive. DST (shifting daylight later in the day, so there's daylight when you get home from work) is, IMHO, a great idea. We should just be on it all year round. Nerds, who tend not to be morning people, should appreciate DST more than most.

Comment The 3 layers are *not* R,G,B - it's a Bayer sensor (Score 3, Informative) 86

FWIW, the 3 layers are not red/green/blue, but photosensor, DRAM, and logic. It's a standard Bayer pattern sensor; not a multilayer color sensor. And by "focal plane distortion" they don't mean focus error due to different depths for RGB, but rolling shutter ("jello effect"). (The post was a bit confusing - it's easy to read it as being about a Foveon-type sensor. But no.)

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