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Submission + - XBox One Games Punish Users for Swearing (

OldJuke writes: NBA 2K14 for the Xbox One is handing out technical fouls for bad language detected through the Kinect's voice sensor. A 2K14 user posted this video (warning offensive language) to his YouTube account to show the technical foul he received during the game for cursing. A FIFA 2014 gamer received an in-game written warning for offensive language. Is this trend a positive movement towards a safer and more civilized gaming experience? Or is this an intrusion on gamers' freedom of expression?

Submission + - Yota phone launches with secondary e-ink display (

OldJuke writes: Called the YotaPhone, the device pairs a traditional LCD color touch-screen on one side with a black-and-white, electronic-paper display on the other, allowing users to continuously view data in real time without having to constantly wake up their phones and drain their batteries. General interaction will be done through the LCD screen, but the e-paper display allows an image to be displayed at all times—from maps, airline boarding passes and family photos to Twitter messages and emails—but only uses power when the picture changes. BBC News interviewed the company's leader, Vlad Martynov, for a hands on demonstration.

Submission + - California High Speed Rail Contract Awarded to Senator's Husband (

OldJuke writes: State high-speed rail officials acknowledged Thursday that they changed their rules for selecting a builder for the bullet train's first phase in the Central Valley, a shift that subsequently made it possible for a consortium led by Sylmar-based Tutor Perini to be ranked as the top candidate despite receiving the lowest technical rating. Bloggers are reporting that Tutor Perini is primarily owned by Richard Blum, husband to Senator Feinstein

Submission + - Fukushima water leak discovered (

OldJuke writes: Tokyo Electric power Co. said about 120 tons of the water are believed to have breached the tank's inner linings, some of it possibly leaking into the soil. TEPCO is moving the water to a nearby tank at the Fukushima Dai-chi plant — a process that could take several days ...More than 270,000 tons of highly radioactive water is already stored in hundreds of gigantic tanks and another underground tank. They are visible even at the plant's entrance and built around the compound, taking up more than 80 percent of its storage capacity.
TEPCO expects the amount to double over three years and plans to build hundreds of more tanks by mid-2015 to meet the demand.

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