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Comment Re:Run Linux much? (Score 1) 655

I'm a long-time Microslave. Whenever I install a distro of BSD or *NIX I quickly encounter problems I never see with Win2k and any solutions are apparently above my patience... so back to Win2k I go. I had hopes Ubuntu would finally give me what I and my wife need to make Linux a new home, but it hasn't happened yet and that's just damn sad.

Comment Just as a weather station, huh? (Score 1, Flamebait) 106

It'll be for more than weather monitoring. With a station on the moon you can use HAARP technology, spy cameras, test new manufacturing processes, research probable mining locations, test habitations, refueling depots, 'defensive' installations, and on and on and on. Despite being very expensive, with all of that such a station would be highly profitable.

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