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Comment Re:Centralized Control... (Score 0) 564

A long time ago I worked in a place that had a lab full of test machines and a team web server, which were on adjacent shelves. About once every year or so, they would hire a new contractor and say, "those are your test boxes over there," then be utterly shocked when he flattened the web server later that day. Switching from SCCM to a guy with sneakers and a LiveCD isn't a magic bullet.

Comment Re:From whence the headline? (Score 0) 116

...testing that would have caught this bug would have involved creating tests that virtually duplicated the system under test...

This isn't even remotely true. Each one of the 'if' statements in the function could have been tested with a certificate that was broken in the way that the statement was checking for:

foreach (cert in MyBigAssCollectionOfCerts)

I'm guessing the test team (if they had one) didn't have a tool for creating a broken cert for each case.

Comment Re:Q: Why Are Scientists Still Using FORTRAN in 20 (Score 1, Funny) 634

Fortran is 40% QBasic and 60% OMFG ALL CAPS. Ideal for folks who are fundamentally ignorant of software development. You think I jest... SUBROUTINE SUB1(X,DUMSUB) INTEGER N, X EXTERNAL DUMSUB COMMON /GLOBALS/ N IF(X .LT. N)THEN X = X + 1 PRINT *, 'x = ', X CALL DUMSUB(X,DUMSUB) END IF END

Comment Re:What a nice dream.... (Score 3, Insightful) 22

From what I've seen, government-mandated security auditing results in two things: 1) 10%-20% of your IT staff is always offline while they try to figure out why they can't log in today. (What was the 20 character password I used for that one account in the Prague datacenter?) 2) The auditing misses all of the gaping holes in the home-brewed software running in the datacenter.

Comment Re:It's hard but not that hard (Score 1) 278

7) independent thinking about things involving organizing other humans who were hired to do independent thinking but actually turn out to be duds who come in at 11:00 and just sit around drinking the free coke for six months then get pissed off when they don't get "genius" on their performance review then they go around trying to start a rebellion and eventually need to get canned and escorted out by security and you inevitably see them come back in three months as a vendor and as sad as that is at least it reminds you you'll never be out of work (even harder than that)

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