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Comment Re:Refuse (Score 1) 114

You can always strike out the offending clause and initial the strikeout. The other party then has the option of accepting this, or not, as they choose. (They always make you sign first, I have noticed).

In any case such clauses were ruled unlawful in UK courts years ago as they prevent you using your skills.

Comment Re:Never Use Goto (Score 1) 677

I don't recall ever handling an N greater than one (mostly malloc/free), but would probably continue as at present where a block that reserves a resource also releases it at the same level of nesting. I don't always keep to the single entry/single exit paradigm, but would in this case. Using a goto would make it easy to accidentally skip the release and thereby cause resource leakage.

Comment KB3013455 (Score 1) 136

After successfully forcing the machine to reboot into safe mode last night (to stop a perpetual cyclic restart) I found that the screen fonts were being incorrectly rendered to the point of being unreadable. Hours later it turned out to be KB3013455, now uninstalled. Today several sites say that this affects Vista and several flavours of Windows Server.

Comment Pascal (Score 1) 648

It teaches good habits (but with the demise of Turbo Pascal I am unable to suggest a worthy compiler).

I was taught Fortran originally and now spend my time working in C on embedded processors, which shows the futility of trying to teach a 'useful' language. Several other languages and assemblers have also passed through my brain in the intervening forty years or so, including Basic, but I still think that Pascal is the only suitable pedagogical language.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 300

It certainly was loud. I was in the next plane to take off from the same Heathrow runway on several occasions and can tell you that it is the only plane I ever heard above the noise of my own aircraft (usually Tristar, if memory serves). It was worth it! One of the most beautiful planes flying.

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