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Comment Re:Reusable - like the shuttle? (Score 1) 260

I believe the two of you are looking at the engineering/maintenance problem from different perspectives. From a managerial perspective, the two are the same. You can trade one for the other, with money spent, and you do your calculations. From a technical perspective, they are quite different. Maintenance only repeats the same thing, restoring it to when it was new, but does not change it to something better. Re-engineering it would improve it so it is better than what it was when it was new.

Comment percentages (Score 5, Insightful) 279

Finally a study that shows percentages.The politicals have have claimed that climate change is either 100% man-made or 100% natural, depending upon which side of the argument they were on. Reasonable people knew that it had to be a bit of both, but there never seemed to be any studies that showed what the percentages of each it was.

Comment Re:This is good. (Score 1) 60

Imagine a "gas station" having a very, very large capacity battery, which would be used like their big gas tanks now. Charging a car could take the charge from that battery in a short amount of time. The "gas station' would the slowly charge their big battery off of the grid. As long as the station's battery could hold enough charge for, say a fifty or hundred cars (just a stupid, off the top of my head estimate), the battery could be charged off the grid at a steady rate.

Comment Re:the idea behind the movie is dumb (Score 1) 366

According to the 'Revolution' series on the History channel, both sides were guilty of terrorizing the civilian population. Admittedly, I haven't read an extensive history book on just the American Revolution. One particular story comes to mind where the British killed a bunch of people by burning them in a church. That particular incident was shown in 'The Patriot', but wasn't entirely accurate (typical of Hollywood) according to a historian that I talked to. The rebels/patriots also terrorized the 'Torries' for giving aid to the British. I don't remember a particular incident, except that it got pretty nasty both ways.

Comment HTML 5 number still experimental (Score 2) 365

according to Wikipedia they added the input type "range". Sadly, the input type "number" is still listed as experimental, and no support for the date/time input types. Since Firefox 22 added a couple of different element types, I was hoping that the "number" type would be supported, and have at least 'experimental' support fo the date/time formats.

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