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Comment Re:Fracking to relieve tectonic pressure (Score 1) 265

Every now and then the subduction zone is subjected to swarms of earthquakes, which I'd imagine are stronger in total magnitude than anything we do ourselves in the course of year: 6/02/2015 — West Coast / Oregon Earthquake swarm occurring at UNDERSEA VOLCANO – Cleft Segment Volcanoes | Dutchsinse Controlling fault lines is an exercise for Kardashev Level 1 civilizations.

Comment Overbed table (Score 1) 340

At home I have an overbed table like they use in hospitals, I put the monitor for the desktop PC on this and use a little wireless keyboard and mouse. I can stand and work, or lower the table and sit if so desired. Not much workspace area but nice for at home use, and won't set you back much - those tables can be had used for $40 or so.

Comment Re:Cigars, Scotch, and Sinatra (Score 1) 361

Actually on a purely technical level he was one of the outstanding vocalists of all time - opera singers admired his skill, if that impresses. I think he was a great singer in his early days but lose interest at a certain point, when the Rat Pack came along perhaps - after reading the His Way unauthorized biography it's hard to enjoy his music knowing what an insufferable dickhead he was, and the massive ego seems to seep into his vocals as well. Likewise he was an excellent actor at first, really, but he churned out reams of junk later on, too.

Comment Re:Here's to hoping they don't find oil (Score 1) 152

I was surprised to learn that the Toba caldera was the most powerful volcanic outburst of the past 25 million years, packing more of a wallop than the Columbia River Basalt flows or any resurgent caldera, such as those associated with the Yellowstone hotspot. Seems like humans, acclimated to their native environment, are really resilient.

Comment Re:Taking it further (Score 1) 57

Someone once pointed out that a whole mess of hard rock tunes ultimately seemed to derive from La Bamba. You Really Got Me, Louie Louie, Blitzkrieg Bop, forget what else. Smells Like Teen Spirit of course was a takeoff on More Than A Feeling. You don't need an algorithm for this stuff. John Fogerty was famously sued by Credence's record label for ripping himself off - the ultimate in legal intervention in this instance - the case was dismissed. Haven't really heard of musical litigation since that happened in the late 80s.

I don't know what "artists" are ripping off any more; I can't remember a single chart topping melody from the last 15 years, it doesn't seem to be necessary anymore. I think the music serves other functions well now, i.e., inducing tweens to scream in delight, giving young men soundtracks for their strutting/posing, etc. Why burden it with actual tunes?

Comment Re:An old fashioned jester. (Score 1) 277

Somebody doing a good delivery is what is required. That is much easier to find than the creative idea behind the show.

Yes he is acting, but he's certainly not your average "news reader" reading everything from the autocue, it is HIS act, we have similar act here in Oz, but Stewart is the original and still the best.

Hey, don't sell yourself short, mate.

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