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Comment Re:Do like them thar foreigners (Score 1) 295

Here in the UK, if a parcel is on your doorstep and gets stolen, it's still the retailers responsibility.

This is the law in The Netherlands as well. In fact, in The Netherlands the sender/retailer is responsible (and liable) for delivery to you. If you don't receive the parcel, it has not been delivered. This includes stops in between like a parcel service, but also your neighbours! If the parcel service looses your parcel, or if the neighbour decides to give it to a nephew, the parcel has not been delivered to you and the sender/retailer is liable for the loss.

Comment Re: US disagrees (Score 1) 170

There are plenty of perfectly legitimate times when what information is available about you could be utterly false. The EU's laws in this regard are addressing a very real problem that seriously impacts on citizens liberty and lives - the only thing wrong about these laws is that they do not have equivalents in EVERY free country like the seriously ought to.

Exactly: the problem being addressed here is very real.

Personally I think Google is going against its own motto (don't be Evil) by purposefully allowing wrong and damaging search results to exist. Knowingly and willingly displaying search results that are wrong (and damaging) *is being Evil*.

Submission + - Facebook revenue growth slows, costs weigh on profit (

An anonymous reader writes: Shares of the worlds largest internet social network fell as much as 3.1 percent in after-market trading on Wednesday. Facebook has warned that 2015 will be a year of heavy investments as it steps up efforts to expand a collection of produc...

Submission + - SPAM: How to Choose Internet Connection ?

PROD Cdrive writes: How to Choose Internet Connection ?

Internet, What is an Internet? How to Choose Internet Connection ?

Before to start the articles we have to discuss about the ISPAI. What is ISPAI — Internet Service Providers Association of India. It was started in 1988 for the Astrology, Geography, Business, Banking and Education. It was make benefits of Internet Community to make all works fast, Time savings.

Expectation of People while buying an Internet

Wheter it is Near Company
What Modem Provide
What data is giving
Customer Support Care

ISP is Own Location

During Internet purchase from the Companies we have to careful about the ISP, because some of companies were start up with trails version with minimum secure data. Whether they have en-build with huge team, with well Trained manpower in Internet. Choose Internet as per location near, my own experience Internet Connection is disconnected at 10.54 Pm at that time just I put queries, at that time I received call from the ISP said Important cable has been cut due to wind so kindly wait our Technical Team will help you and complete the work with in hour I got the Internet. SO better choose the nationalized ISP we can go head for local ISP.

Configuration of Modem:

Remember, you must forever take manufacturers’ speed declarations with a grain of salt. for instance, several manufactures list “theoretical” most information measure on their boxes. You’ll see something from 350Mb/sec to 1900Mb/sec (megabits per second), however you’ll seldom see turnout that top in realistic environments within which walls, doors, appliances, and different barriers separate your router from its consumer devices.

A overplus of different specs and standards additionally influence real-world speeds from router to router, thus use listed speeds as additional of a general guideline.

Fortunately, wireless routers factory-made in compliance with the 802.11ac customary ought to be capable of streaming high-definition video over an inexpensive distance, provided there aren’t too several obstacles within the path between the router and its consumer.

All wireless routers additionally feature inbuilt local area network for hard-wired network connections, however cheaper routers can have switches rated at solely 100Mb/sec. You won’t regret defrayal many additional bucks to shop for a model with a Gigabit switch (that’s one,000Mb/sec).
When shopping for, bear in mind that a router’s speed solely determines the speed of your home network. It won’t build your net affiliation faster unless it had been bottle-necked by your previous router. Today, that’s unlikely in most elements of the planet. A typical yankee router on Comcast, for instance, can have information measure between forty and one hundred fifty Mb/s. That’s not enough to utilize all the information measure recent Wi-Fi standards will handle.

Giving Data with Speed:

Speed and Data in major role in Internet browser, Yes giving huge amount data as per reasonable price or low Price is comfortable for browser. Here I explain some of data providers and previous article I discuss about the package of Internet Service Plans.

Standard Plan: Datamaxtechnologies

"LIGHT PLAN+ 499/M + Upto 1 Mbps + 3GB
LIMITED PLAN+ 899/M + 2 Mbps + Unlimited
UNLIMITED PLAN + 1499/M + 3 Mbps + Unlimited

Business Plan: Datamaxtechnologies

"2999/M + 1 Mbps + Unlimited + 1 Month

5499/M + 2 Mbps + Unlimited + 1 Month

10499/M + 4 Mbps + Unlimited + 1 Month"

Standard Plan: CFNET

Fiber Fast — 799m +5 Mbps +15 GB +512 KBPs Post
Fiber Hot — 999m +10 MBPS +25 GB +1 MBPS Post
Fiber Max — 2999m +20 MBPS +150 GB +2 MBPS Post"

Business Plan: CFNET

"Fiber Pace+ 1499m+ 20 Mbps + 50 GB+ Post Up 2 MBPS
Fiber Electric+ 1999m+ 20 MBPS+ 100 GB+ Post Up 2 MBPS
Fiber Thunder + 2999m + 40 MBPS+ 200 GB+ Post Up 2 MBPS"

Industrial Plan: CFNET

SME 1 — 3499m + 10 Mbps + 300 GB + 2 MBPS Post
SME 2 — 4999m + 20 MBPS + 1000 GB + 2 MBPS Post
SME 3 — 7999m + 40 MBPS + 2000 GB + 2 MBPS Post"

Customer Support Care:

What Level of composure Company have to do?

For instance, does one want a center with basic options, like voice support solely, or do you need a more advanced system that can also handle callbacks, email, chat, social media, fax and voicemail? Is an out-of-the-box service suitable for your business, or do you need a highly customizable solution tailor-made for your company?

If a call center is at the core of your operations, any downtime will hurt your business. Look for a call center that has a dependable uptime and a reliable redundancy and disaster-recovery plan so your business doesn't suffer during an outage.

Let be Choose have much Experience in Internet Customer Service

Call-center vendors offer both on-premise and cloud-based call centers. If you have a consistent agent count or the expertise to run your own call center — or if you're worried about cloud security and privacy — an on-premise call center is for you.

If you have large agent-count swings (for instance, temporary or seasonal agents); need multisite agents; have no desire to run your own call center; or are comfortable with cloud security and privacy issues, a cloud-based call center will be a better fit for you. Another benefit of a cloud-based call center is its ease of implementation, so your call center can be up and running more quickly than an on-premise system.

Submission + - SPAM: Four tips to give feedback in enterprises

An anonymous reader writes: Feedback is a vital strategy in the management and development of human talent that strengthens productivity in organizations since it directly involves the interaction between employees and their managers, which significantly improves the relationship between the members of the template.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - SPAM:

rebeccamcgrail4 writes: The most notable work of Dale Carnegie, “How to win friends and influence people” was published in the year 1936 and still today it is considered important in respect to the business communication skills. The book consists of four parts clearly mentioning step by step the process of making an influence of people and win over them.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - The man who made 'the worst video game in history' (

WimWerkschoen239 writes: The video game of Steven Spielberg's ET is considered to be one of the worst of all time and has even been blamed for triggering the collapse of Atari. Howard Scott Warshaw, the gifted programmer who made it, explains how it was rushed out in a matter of weeks — and how he feels about those events in California now.

Submission + - German Police Allowed to Use Its Own "Federal Trojan" (

An anonymous reader writes: The German Interior Ministry has approved for investigative use a spying Trojan developed by the German Federal Criminal Police (a so-called “federal Trojan”). In fact, it could end up being used as early as this week. The police will have to get a court order to use the spyware, and prove that the suspect is involved in a crime threatening citizens’ “life, limb or liberty”. The malware has been developed in-house, and has been available since autumn 2015. It is supposed to be used only for so-called telecommunication surveillance at the source, i.e. to read emails, chats and wiretap phone calls made by the target via his or her computer or smartphone, and not to access files, steal passwords, or set up video or audio surveillance via the device.

Submission + - Thanks to encryption, UK efforts to block torrent sites are pointless (

Mark Wilson writes: In the UK, ISPs are required to block access to a number of big-name torrent sites — the thinking being that sites such as The Pirate Bay are used primarily for (gasp!) downloading pirated material. Despite the government's desire to control what people can access online, good old HTTPS means that people are able to very easily bypass any blocks that may be put in place.

There are all manner of proxy services and mirror sites that provide access to otherwise-blocked content, but these are really not needed. With the likes of The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents offering secure, encrypted connection, accessing the goodies they contain could involve little more than sticking an extra 's' in the URL.

Submission + - Does your Windows 10 have the latest feature upgrades & servicing updates (

An anonymous reader writes: Back in May 2015, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will be its last operating system thereby announcing Windows 10 as a Service. The Redmond Giant will henceforth will provide new features 2-3 times per year, instead releasing a new standalone operating system with after every few years. So basically, Windows 10 is actually the last version number and we won’t really be seeing any higher number for Windows anymore.

Comment Keep It Simple (Score 3, Insightful) 191

For children age 6 and up, and also for adults, the most important thing is to Keep It Simple.

Writing down passwords is actually a good thing for adults, as long as the passwords are written down in a secure place. A note in your wallet qualifies, as you know how to keep your wallet secure (right?). This is even more secure than a password safe on your smartphone: inputting a strong password is a pain (and easily observed), and witht it your sm artphone becomes a prime target for theft (if it isn't already).

For children of 6 years old and older (I'm assuming a US centric view here, triggered by the word 'elementary'), the situation is not that much different. The only problem is that children at this age usually do not have a wallet.

This is then the only problem to solve: creating a secure place to write down passwords.

Comment Re:Ask your boss (Score 2) 201

[W]hen you ask your boss if online engineering coursework is good for getting a new job, they would tell you "you're fired".

Maybe in Corporate America, where you have to slave 60 hours a week just to keep your job, and where you're expected to feel guilty for wanting to have a social life. In Europe (at least developing software in the Netherlands), this is simply not true. The reason: employers realise that a high turnover costs a huge amount of money and worse, delays projects. The latter costs time to market, which can be even more expensive and in extreme cases can kill the company.

To be fair, some employers do cover furthering education, but again, usually it cannot come at a cost to your already full workload.

This is true. It is also the reason why your education, even if paid by your employer, is done in your personal time (usually partially for mandated courses). This way both you and your employer invest, which is only fair.

Comment Predictability (Score 5, Insightful) 446

Being a software engineer instead of a hacker is all about predictability:

  • Predictable planning: have it done when you say it will be.
  • Software quality: use Test Driven Design to ensure your code behaves as it should.
  • Predictable deployments: practice and simplify deploying your code for systems.
  • Document the structure of your code, so the next guy knows what he's looking at.

There's more to each of these items, of course, but it's all about making it simple (KISS) and predictable. This sets a software engineer apart from a mere hacker.

Comment Re:Data portability (Score 1) 292

If not, then why would you want it to be open source?

If I was going to be spending a reasonable amount of time inputting data that I want to access for an extended period of time I would want it to be an open source program. That way you can always get the data out of the program again (possibly with some effort) and you are not stuck with regular upgrade fees for the latest version with the bug fix need to make it work with the latest OS version.

Of these two items, the data portability is (luckily) moot: the more knowledgeable users (about genealogy, not software) of this kind of software are actually familiar with its problems, even in the paper world.

The second item, paying for upgrades, still exists though. And sometimes even more than average.

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