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Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 7

Well, then senpai, school me. What makes a "nonpartisan, non-profit organization [6][7] whose stated mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States." so gosh danged radical? All I can see is an charity org that loves the constitution more than you do, and you're treating them like fifth columnists. Laugh all you want, but at least I don't have a perspective problem.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 7

For 8 years any opposition to anything Obama wanted was categorically dismissed as racist by liberals.

I see your problem: The ACLU isn't liberal. But of course, in your addled mind, anyone who's not in lockstep with the conservative agenda down to the finest degree gets excommunicated, no excuses.

Which then leads you to make silly pronouncements of things that didn't happen, or blasting the liberal agendas of judges appointed by GOP presidents. And then I get to make fun of you as you thrash about in your little barrel, while you try to take the high road and fail.

We've been at this, what, fifteen years now? When you gonna learn?

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 7

No go back and pretend that the unwashed left didn't call people who didn't support Obama racist.

LOL, so you're either moving the goalposts or you suck at english, white man. Pick one.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Like Owen Wilson in Armageddon 7

So the Fuckhead Of The United States is having literally the worst first month of a presidential term and his big idea is a 2020 campaign rally in fucking Florida this weekend?

Oughtta just nuke the whole country, it's the only way to be sure at this point. Fucking Yanks.

Comment Re:hehe (Score 1) 6

Nice missing of the point there, again. I never said there wasn't a tantrum. I said you missed the point of the tantrum. Those three kids sure ain't sharpening your wits.

Comment Re:hehe (Score 1) 6

Are you forgetting or ignoring the fact that Congress has held up a Lame Duck's Supreme Court pick before?


So. Are you being dishonest or stupid?

Just too subtle for you apparently. I'm making fun of you for mischaracterizing Democrat anger. It has nothing to do with with his earlier confirmation. But that stops you from scoring an easy point, doesn't it?

BTW, good on you for doubling down on false equivalence. If you think Chuck Schumer's words are in any way comparable to, say, Orrin Hatch's, you're dumber than I thought.

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