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Comment Re:This is not true! (Score 1) 98

TFA also says, in the quotation from the Evernote privacy policy, that customers can turn off the machine learning that is the reason for the employee access by disabling it in the account settings. I just did that with no problem at all.

If one is serious about security, though, then why would he/she trust any cloud provider's encryption?

Comment Maybe it's not such a bad thing (Score 1) 307

It might not be such a bad thing if Gawker were put out of business. I had never heard of Gawker until I read How Gawker Ripped Off My Newspaper Story seven years ago. Who needs to read the story from its original source when Gawker has published a digest? And this has helped put local newspapers on their back.

Of course, this isn't a lot different from a SLAPP, so it is troubling. The funny thing is that most litigation is supposedly about "being made whole", and our court system evaluates wholeness in dollars and cents, but Thiel seems to want wholeness in destroying the organization that outed him.

Comment Parking in front of sidewalk ramps? (Score 1) 177

Why the hell is NYC allowing people to park in front of sidewalk ramps? I'm not sure how it is in the Big Apple, but most jurisdictions do not mark crosswalks at every crosswalk, even though it's a logical and safe place for a person to cross the street, like a street corner. (This is why one should be suspicious when reading about an accident in which "the victim was not in a crosswalk"; odds are decent that it's because there are insufficient pedestrian accommodations on the road.) If it's OK for an able-bodied pedestrian to cross somewhere, there should be curb cuts so that a person in a wheelchair can do the same, and there shouldn't be a vehicle blocking it.

Comment That depends... (Score 2) 561

Is it ageism when the interviewer remarks "You're a little old" during the interview? This happened to me when I was 40 and still had hair, none of it gray. No offer was forthcoming, but the place didn't rate very highly from my perspective, either. And then there was the letter I received recently from EEO investigating a complaint about a company that hadn't bothered to have me come in after the phone interview despite my having all of the skills they seemed to be seeking.

Now I work for a small company where I am probably the oldest employee., but we all get along well, and I'm having the time of my life.

Comment Re:Pi (Score 1) 291

YMMV with the tablet. I own an Asus tablet that consistently loses a lot of time even though NTP is enabled. I know that NTP isn't blocked because unchecking the "Set time automatically" box and then rechecking it brings the thing into synchronization right away.

Comment This ought to be entertaining... (Score 1) 865

We have a Toyota RAV4 with the keyless technology, and it's worked pretty well, but there was one night when I tried to start it while a train was passing about 200 feet away. There must have been some pretty good RFI from the train, because the car would not start until the train was gone. So, I'm wondering if we could find ourselves in a situation in which solar flares or some new use of radio by the military might suddenly render all the motor vehicles inoperable. (It's not like this kind of thing hasn't happened before.) Then, too, there's the problem that these keys seem to be notoriously easy to hack.

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