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Comment Re:Grab the popcorn! (Score 1) 535

not planning on buying it ever, and I'm not the only one

Which begs the question .. when a corporation buys a website or other form of community commodity, what are they really buying?

For example, if a large publishing company were to purchase the pre-eminent tech news website on the internet then pissed off the users so badly that they all left for other websites, what have they accomplished?

Comment Canonical is the past not the future (Score 1) 137

Canonical (with Ubuntu) just doesn't have that clout yet

They won't ever, they've got no idea what they're doing.

If (some may say 'when') Ubuntu gains a critical amount of market share

when? Who writes this drivel? "Hey guys, I know I'm 8 YEARS hate to the party and the whole market is overflowing with MASSIVE players, but it's just a matter of time before we gain critical market share!". when? never.

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