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Comment Re:Six of one.... (Score 1) 67

I get your point about subscription services still having advertisements. Amazon Prime stuff has started popping ads at the beginning of shows when I watch them, but they're relatively short and not inserted into the middle of the stream so they do not bother me.

I'm not entirely sure SlingTV or Playstation Vue could go ad free though, given their model is just to live stream the actual broadcast channel.

Comment Re:Slashdot is officially worse than breitbart now (Score 1) 191

As a resident of West Virginia I find this...completely accurate. Even for those of us physically in the state that just wanted to be left alone it was damn near impossible to get away from the constant screaming.

For me the arguments in comments are the entertaining part of /. anymore. Gives me something to distract myself with while I'm at work.

Comment Re: Microsoft office is for Cars which lock you in (Score 1) 196

The usefulness of buttons on the wheel should be maximized in controlling the interface to avoid having to "peck touchscreens or distant buttons with fingers", and multiple types of feedback - visual, tactile, auditory, etc - should reinforce the driver's sense of what actions he's taking in what context.

Microsoft and Ford are already close to this in existing cars with the Sync system. My 2015 Fusion, using the controls on the steering wheel, is actually very intuitive, and the voice control features aren't terribly implemented either. The menu affecting the vehicle itself is front and center in the instrument cluster, and is easy enough to glance at without completely distracting yourself from the road.

They do need to work on the feedback, though. If you're not using the voice controls, there almost isn't any outside of the tactile feel of pressing the button. Overall, what they're talking about here seems to be a good step in the right direction from existing technology.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's convinced me (Score 2) 152

A home computer in 1980 could do way more than any cheap piece of plastic one of these printers will ever produce. Those kids would be better off with VIC-20's and Sinclairs, and they would be a lot cheaper.

I have to agree with this one.

My youngest daughter is now in middle school, 7th grade. Her school did not get a Makerbot donated to them, but they did purchase one for the computer lab. I have issue with this, but not because they have a 3D printer. It's because they spend money like this constantly (this isn't the only purchase they've made that I have issue with) and yet they do not even have the proper course materials available for students.

She has a total of one textbook. And it's of the dead tree variety. I don't believe that they need to make the immediate move to digital, though I think it would be beneficial. I have issue with the fact that they just do not have textbooks for all but one of her classes. So if she is having issues with the material that her teacher feels the need to send home with her, there is nothing for her to turn to for assistance.

Thankfully her mother and I are capable of helping her, but what about the students that don't have the family resources available to them for help? We also help tutor one of my daughter's friends, as her parents are either not capable or not willing to make themselves available to do so, but we cannot take on every student that needs help. We do not have that kind of time.

For students in her age range, this is nothing more than a toy. And a waste of money.

Comment Re:the specs will make you cream your shorts (Score 1) 82

I have a 2nd gen Apple TV (which is only 720p) but I believe the 3rd gen does support 1080p.

Only reason I bought one is ease of use. Wife and youngest daughter both have iPhones, and we have an iPad 2. Oldest daughter and I are both running Android phones (mine being an S3 and hers being some cheap LG thing that her grandparents bought for her out of the blue without consult). But both my wife and youngest daughter can pick up either of their phones, or the iPad, and quickly and easily do what they need/want to, both being too easily frustrated to really play with anything too complicated (in their mind).

The Apple products do play very well together. The lack of external storage did bother me at first, but having a NAS store the family iTunes library, with an el cheapo laptop running iTunes pointed at the NAS, and everything is accessible from the Apple TV. Entire ripped DVD library, all the music we've bought, and pictures through Photo Stream don't even need iTunes to be running.

I may not be one of Apple's biggest fans, but the ability to work within the ecosystem is quite nice. And the ability to stream an interesting video I may be watching on the iPad to the TV with a couple touches is a very nice feature.

There are drawbacks, such as the remote app on the phones and iPad randomly decide that I no longer have an Apple TV. And the Apple TV itself needs reset more often than I care for, even to get it to connect to Netflix to watch a movie. The slender little Apple remote is also a big piece of junk too, being on my 3rd one and the menu button is already flaky.

All in all, I would just as soon replace it all, but that would be a costly endeavor at this point. And it would need to work as seemlessly. And, no, I do not own any consoles.

Comment Re:Angry wife (Score 1) 199

If I had the spare cash, I would buy this in a heartbeat. My favorite console system to date.

My wife would probably think I had completely lost my mind, but it would give me the opportunity to introduce my kids to a portion of my childhood that they probably don't care about, but damn it, that is part of my job as a parent, to annoy my children with annoying amounts of nostalgia!

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