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Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 1) 185

OK, but you won't like it. That will mean the software doesn't release until the lead programmer says so. No ifs ands or buts. If management presses too hard on that issue, THEY go to jail. Expect prices to get a lot higher and development time to multiply.

Sadly, we live in the opposite world. Products ship when marketing says so, or asses get beaten. Bugs? We'll get to those in the next release.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 261

You do know that dealers don't make money on new car sales, right?

If that were true, dealers would be happy to sell you cars near/at/below invoice cost. Even if they sell you the car at invoice, the factory incentives still mean the dealer turns a profit. Nonetheless, they try to sell cars for MSRP or even with added dealer markup, because that maximizes profit.

Their business model is not quite the same as printer companies that sell printers for tiny margins and count on consumers buying high-margin ink cartridges.

Comment Re:Who cares ? (Score 1) 109

All my linkedin profiles are filled up with counterfeited data, just like 99% of other user profiles.

What's the point of having a LinkedIn account (let alone multiple accounts) if you defeat the purpose of letting others find you to see if you are interested in a job?

If you network at all (which is the best way to find a job or find someone to hire), then a site like LinkedIn helps with that.

Comment Re: How is this a breach of terms? (Score 1) 109

I'd be interested to hear if anyone here has a counter example. I certainly don't. I don't seem to have every got anything useful out of it.

I can give you three examples from my own experience.

1. My LinkedIn connections (former colleagues, mostly) have contacted me to see if my employer is hiring or if I can submit their resume for a job posting. I have helped many folks secure jobs this way.

2. I have also been approached by people in my LinkedIn network, asking if I wanted to come work with them. I have gotten several jobs that way. (When I wasn't even looking for a job.)

3. The reverse of #2 -- When looking for people to join my team, I go through my LinkedIn network and ask folks if they might be interested in working on a new project.

The best way to find a rewarding job is via networking (i.e. word of mouth), and LinkedIn makes networking very easy.
The best time to recruit someone (former colleague) is when they are not looking.

Comment Re:If incrimental upgrades are going to be the nor (Score 1) 142

Build your own PC for the same price as a console with more power and greater functionality.

More power and greater functionality is easy enough, but for the same price as a $350 PS4?
It is difficult for individuals to compete with Sony's volume purchasing power. Even a low-end $100 PC motherboard is certainly more than Sony spends on their motherboard.

Comment Re:Dual-mode and exclusive games for Game Boy Colo (Score 1) 142

Interesting bit of Gameboy history - thanks!

Yesterday I picked up my kids' old GBA and rummaged through their stockpile of games, which inludes original GB stuff. I never noticed the innie vs. outie grips until you pointed them out. Another big differentiator is that the GBA (GBC?) carts are half-length, relative to the "big" GB carts.

Comment Re:Car manufacturers don't understant InfoSec (Score 1) 110

Luckily its only the infotainment

At least on some models it extends to the heating and cooling controls. My buddy's 2014 Lexus SUV was affected, and the A/C and fan controls were unavailable. Lexus said he could either disconnect/reconnect the battery or bring it in to the service dept. He chose the latter, and they "fixed it" in 45 minutes.

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