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Comment Programming is not the important thing (Score 3, Insightful) 98

problems begging solutions are. When I was programming professionally I never thought being able to program was as important as having a problem to solve requiring a programming language. App development is the same, find a reason to program, solve the problem in your mind, apply a language and you are a programmer.

Comment Obesity is a recent problem (Score 1) 381

Obligatory get off my lawn post but here it comes anyway. Back when I was young (1960's) there were fat kids but not nearly as many and some of those that were considered fat back then would not be considered so now. Our parents were bigger then the kids but not remarkably so. Most of this stark change in obesity rates has taken place in 1 generation. To me, that is the question that needs an answer. What has caused this dramatic change?

Submission + - Tech companies and age bias (observer.com)

OffTheLip writes: A recent editorial in the Observer by Dan Lyons highlights overt negative bias towards older tech workers including his personal journey as an aging worker. Information technology is young business in comparison to many other industries but one of the few where older workers are not valued for their institutional knowledge. It is accepted that current trends are for the young, the agile, workers with seemingly tireless work ethic and dedication. None of these traits are associated with older workers. Lyons draws comparisons to other successful workforce diversity efforts that seemingly don't apply to the tech world. He makes an argument for what the older worker brings to the team in experience and wisdom. As a recently retired techie I experienced this firsthand, both as a older worker, and earlier in my career one who didn't see the value in older workers. As Lyons states, older workers are good business.

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