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Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 1) 512

I've often felt that the licensing hissy-fit (which may have been a valid argument in the past, though not anymore) was actually a cover story or excuse for a bunch of C programmers who really just hated C++ and didn't want to allow the Linux desktop to use an environment written in it.

That being said, Gtk+ kinda feels like what you'd get if you insisted on implementing a C++ style object model in C, just because.

Comment Re:Female CS Grads were only 18%.... (Score 1) 415

This is why I don't like the (media driven?) obsession with beating up a few select highly-visible tech companies over their hiring diversity statistics. The applicant pool is small enough, and the real energy needs to target the middle-school (or earlier) levels.

By pushing hard to improve these ratios, the highly-visible companies are just depriving the rest of the entire industry of any opportunity diversity whatsoever. Heck, the numbers feel so bad, that if they actually did drop the bar low enough and hire every single tech person meeting "diversity criteria," every other less-visible tech company would end up 100% non-diverse.

Comment Re:What a joke... (Score 1) 113

"niche market" is kind of an overstatement. In fact, your usage scenario -- according to statistics -- is the "niche market". Very very few people actually need the ability to get into an 8000lb truck and drive 600+ miles before needing to refuel.

But a very high percentage of people who bash Tesla in online forums seem to have this as a critically important use case :-P

Comment Free the rights? (Score 3, Interesting) 162

I wish a bunch of people like this would come together, and see how much of their money it would take to free the rights to Star Trek once and for all. The simple fact that "fan films" are approaching such a level that the studios are now reacting negatively to them, is proof positive that those studios can no longer be trusted to carry on the franchise.

Comment Re: Stupid statement (Score 1) 80

It seemed like every little town blocking off areas for their own special little "Super Bowl Thing" caused *far* more disruption to daily life in the area than the actual Super Bowl itself. Overall traffic patterns barely budged. If anything, it was less busy than normal, because everyone stayed home to avoid the perceived Super Bowl traffic.

Comment Re:wrong premise (Score 1) 200

These companies are not going to singlehandedly change the makeup of tech (or even just high paid) workers in the United States, no matter how much they try (or are put under political pressure to do so). And I think that it is rather disingenuous / politically correct of them to simply market that they will do it because it's fashionable to say they will. Addressing this problem is deeper and requires more of the desired target segments to go into these fields to be available to apply to the positions to start with. Which is a much more difficult challenge that most of the advocates for such policies actually don't even want to put in the effort to do themselves.

I do often feel that if these companies actually did manage to change the makeup of tech workers among their own ranks, to reflect what everyone wants their stats to look like, we'll get into a different kind of bizzaro world. One where a handful of big-name tech companies have *all* of the desired diversity, and the rest of the industry is *entirely* 100% non-diverse. The supply-side problem really does feel that bad.

Does this problem need to be addressed? Yes. Is it right to point blame at companies so far down the pipeline for it? I'm not so sure.

Comment Re:What the hell are you on about? (Score 1) 255

Ah, playing the old "I have kids so I'm special" card.

Look it's simple, if you can't control your kids, they shouldn't be out in public.

Ah, playing the new "I don't have kids, so I'm better than you" card.

I guess in your world, everyone who has kids will be required to stay under house arrest until their kids are above some pre-determined age? Or should everyone be required to send their kids to a detention facility so they can go about their daily lives without giving you something to complain about?

Comment Re:What the hell are you on about? (Score 4, Insightful) 255

Why is everybody's kneejerk reaction to blame the parent?

Because no one doing the blaming actually has children, or remembers what its like to have small children, or has ever actually had to chase a toddler around. ...though some of them will likely claim to have said experiences, and think that anyone who doesn't keep their child on a dog leash is a horrible parent...

Comment Re:What else is new? (Score 1) 170

You are missing the step where compact laptops became cost competitive and powerful enough that they weren't a burden to travel with. This made them an extra device for many people.

Definitely this.
There was a time when everyone got these unwieldy and clunky laptops, that turned out to be as portable as a desktop under everyday circumstances. So when they needed something actually portable, they went out and got netbooks. Then later, as netbooks went out of style and the iPad was all the rage, they went out and got tablets.

But today, if you're lucky enough to have a laptop that's actually conveniently portable, a tablet doesn't seem to have much use anymore. A good smartphone has the advantage of being on your person all the time. And a good laptop can basically do anything. So what exactly do I need a tablet for? Its not going to be on my person as regularly as a smartphone, and its not going to be as capable as a laptop (that's now similar enough in size/weight).

That being said, there do seem to be a lot of older (non-computer) people who have somehow replaced nearly all of their "outside the office" computer use with iPads.

Comment Re: Yes, definitely assholes (Score 1) 440

3) Looks like the driver didn't do anything beyond trust that the system wouldn't do something completely fucking stupid that the most primitive collision detection algorithm could have avoided.

Not so fast here... What appears to have happened, is this driver found a corner-case that a collision detection system actually may not have been designed to detect. Even the maker of the sensor package Tesla uses has come out to support this. (While mentioning that their next generation system will be capable.)

Of course I have seen a lot of tractor trailers out here that now have these side-fairing things installed to improve aerodynamics, which would likely have also improved detection in cases like this. But obviously, no such equipment was on the truck involved in this collision.

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