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United States

Submission + - Bush admits global warming endangering polar bear

oddmuse writes: "Bush embraces the endangered polar bear — and accepts the dangers of global warming 108212.ece "In a landmark decision, the Bush administration has concluded that global warming is endangering the existence of the polar bear — an admission that could force the US government to act to curb the emission of greenhouse gases." Al Gore's inconvenient truth is slipping past the lips of his 2000 opponent in 2006. Maybe it just takes Bush a lot longer to realise the truth of a matter than the rest of society."
The Internet

Submission + - Explosive Growth for

ablaye writes: " has launched its new freelance marketplace website, aimed at serving the needs of the global internet community. Dedicated to bringing together professional freelancers and clients looking for skilled contractors, is growing rapidly, having gained 5500 registered members in its first two months. For more on the story, please go to tm"

Submission + - Germany backs out of EU Search Engine

An anonymous reader writes: The Guardian Limited is reporting that "senior officials in Germany's economics and technology ministry" have decided to dump Quaero, a search engine specifically made to counter ""Anglo-Saxon" cultural imperialism".

From the article: "Earlier this year Mr Chirac announced a series of ambitious technological projects designed to challenge the global dominance of the US. They included Quaero, a Franco-German search engine whose name is Latin for "I search", but which was swiftly dubbed "Ask Chirac". Today German officials confirmed they were abandoning the 400m (£270m) project."

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