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Comment Apple criminals (Score 1) 227

Apple in Australia pays an Irish subsidiary the Australian market price for apple products. This means that Apple Australia it makes no profit from selling them on the Australian market: even a loss. Of course Apple in Ireland makeas a huge profit. So Apple Australia pays no tax to the Australian Government. This is tax evasion at its very worst. Australia has to find a way to string Apple up by its balls.

Comment Paranoid Psychosis -treatment not gun laws (Score 1) 1144

he best technical answer is for the President to order a mass psychoanalysis for the entire American population by a panel of expert Psychiatrists and academics. The objective would be to find out why Americans are so irationally afraid, discover the root causes of this fear psychosis, and recommend cognitive behavioral therapy. Perhaps these irrational fears are the result of: The War of Independence and 1812, the Civil War, the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea etc. We seem to be terrified of : Muslims, Communists, Mexicans, LGBTI, gangs, and even our God. Many of us very afraid of divine retribution, the End Days, and what will happen to us when we die. We are afraid of being driven into poverty by injury or disease. Some are even developing a survivalist mentality, planning how best to shoot their starving neighbours. The peresident would then ask his experts top propose cognitive behavioural therapy: possibly in the form of education, advertising, and individual counselling. When Americans are not so shit-scared of everything, including each other, then perhaps they will not feel so obliged to own powerful firearms. Better gun laws will never be the answer to a paranoid psychosis

Comment Re:iRe: Those who would give up essential Liberty. (Score 1) 395

"Dictator" was actually an elected position in the Roman Republic. It was an emergency measure to be used by the senate in times of a national crisis when the shared two consuls administration (elected for one year) system could not produce strong decisive leadership. This allowed them to elect one powerful general to make the tough decisions and lead them against an approaching enemy. Sadly there were no limits on the power of the dictator, and he could even "proscribe": that is, post a list of names of Romans he wanted dead. Any citizen who killed these people could have their property. Most proscribed people got out of Rome fast, and maybe came back when the dictator was gone and things had cooled down. Julius Caesar was never elected dictator. Hie enemies, the right wing Bonii (good men), put it about that he intended to declare himself one, but that was really impossible for him because he was a jurist, a legislator, and a very law abiding man. The propaganda against him is still working.

Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 1) 492

You are all missing the point. It is being done to silence Islamic State. That org is not just another unpopular voice in a healthy pluralistic society. IS is a murder machine, and it should be destroyed by whatever means possible. This is not an insidious thin end of the wedge issue threatening free speech in a democratic society, it is just common sense.

Comment American exceptionalism gone rampant (Score 1) 218

Hate to remind you guys, but space is outside of the Jurisdiction of the US Government. It can only make laws that apply to US Citizens up there. A treaty is a solemn and formal agreement between countries. It does not have to be enforced by military power. It can be broken, but a signatory country that does that becomes a rogue and a pariah that cannot be trusted in any contract or agreement. The USA is not quite that bad: yet.

Comment Re:Nope... (Score 1) 528

Trespass is not a criminal offense. The home-owner would need to take him to court for a tort. However, he would not find a lawyer interested enough to attempt to make a court booking. In my opinion no court would waste its time on a trivial trespass case. It would be sent to an arbitrator who would talk them out of it and send them both a bill.

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