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Comment Less likely to see digital distribution in AU now? (Score 1) 155

Not that we aren't already shafted by American media conglomerates, but who wants to place bets on this decision reducing even further the desire for said media companies to deploy legal online streaming options in this country? I agree 100% with this decision, don't get me wrong there - I just think that as a result, these American media conglomerates are going to be even more timid about distributing their products in .AU

Comment Re:I'll wait a few weeks (Score 1) 214

I dist-upgraded my Mythbuntu system from 9.10 to 10.04 a few days after 10.04 was released; after a database update, some minor tweaking of Mythvideo (I had to re-install it to get Jamu working again), everything's peachy.

However, I have a rather simple frontend+backend system with a single USB DVB-T tuner, so YMMV.

Comment Re:Liars and statistics (Score 1) 412

It really is ridiculous how these numbers are bandied about by people as being representative of the real world. It's nearly impossible to buy a new PC that doesn't come with Windows, unless you build it yourself. I am willing to bet there's a noticable percentage of Wintel boxes sold that are immediately turned into Lintel boxes by people who know enough about software to install some Linux flavour (not that you need to know a lot to stick in a Linux LiveCD and wipe your drive), but not enough about hardware to build their own PC from scratch. And even if you're talking specifically laptops, not desktop PCs, once again it is practically impossible to buy a big-name laptop without Windows on it, so there's another "sale" for the PR campaigns.

Comment Re:Sonic 2d (Score 1) 123

'Sonic Rush' and its followup on Nintendo DS are some of the best Sonic titles available. I would say they easily rival the classics from Sega's heydey. Most reviews had high praise for the games speed, non-linearity and relatively small number of extra (but useless) side characters.

Comment Full disclosure vs none (Score 1) 432

KDE = open source. Windows = closed source.

KDE talks about *all* its bugs, mundane, show-stopper or otherwise.

Microsoft only talks about bugs when it absolutely has to, and only then when it is wrapped in a lovely, protective PR spin.

Comment Re:The fastest production car... (Score 1) 790

It has the highest top speed, granted.

But it is not the most impressive. Compare the interior of the Ultimate Aero and the Veyron: there is no comparison. The Aero is a race chassis with a huge engine and little in the way of comfort. The Veyron has an option of magnesium indicator stalks to look awesome, and to save weight!

Also, if you watch the episode of Top Gear UK where James May tests the Veyron to its top speed, they make mention after the film that the car is "totally undramatic" at such ridiculous speeds, and compare this to the fact that in all other hypercars which are capable of similar speeds, you feel as though the car is at its limits, whereas in the Veyron it is comfortable and quiet.

Comment Re:Top Gear Veyron goodness (Score 5, Informative) 790

They would not have used the launch control (a computer-controlled system that primes the engine and gearbox for the quickest start off the line) in the Veyron - if they had, there would have been no point to the film.

The Veyron does 0-100Km/h (approx. 0-61mph) in about 2.5 seconds. The McLaren F1 does the same in 3.2 seconds.

While the F1 is indeed an engineering marvel, and probably much more enjoyable to drive on a race track than the Veyron, it is clearly outclassed, though not surprisingly given the large age difference.

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