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Journal Journal: I'm a twit now

twittin as Blackneto since that's myprimary account here, that I never use...

User Journal

Journal Journal: You have 5 Moderator Points! Use 'em or lose 'em! 1

First time in about 4 years for this account

I just realized I never had MOD points for this account. It was created as a troll account...

Age does strange things to people.
I need to find out where my inner bastard went.


Journal Journal: Batman Begins

Went to see it finally.
It rocked. Scarecrow and Ra's, With no finality on their demise too.

Quality stuff.

What was not quality stuff was the 25 minutes, YES 25 MINUTES of commercials and previews.

Last movie for me till Serenity comes out.

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: Can you feel it? 5

Hockey season - Over!
Basketball season - Baleeted!

Just a few short weeks and Men will be returning to the Gridiron.

This will be a season to remember.

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Journal Journal: 4-1 is better than 1-5 1

But props to the Rams and thier fans.
I was at the game in St. Louis yesterday and had a blast tailgating and at the game (at least till the second quarter)
Possibly the loudest crowd I've ever been in.

The Gimp

Journal Journal: Vasectomy 3

Not funny.
I believe they are punishment for daring to have 4 kids.
this all falls under TMI but...
At least I've followed all the advice from the doctor so I haven't had any swelling or infection.
The punishment part is not the pain which just feels like a pulled groin, but in the boredom.
No lifting, no yardwork, no nothing but sitting on my ass for the past 3 days. That and they shave you before the proceedure so you have to deal with hair growing back in sensitive areas.
it sucks.


Journal Journal: Raiders Win 52-25

My word what a first 4 minutes of a quarter.
Next week Buffalo. This will probably be a loss.
Then St.Louis. I will be there. Will you?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Clint Howard, Dead at age 42 4

Actor Clint Howard, Dead at age 42

Actor Clint Howard was found dead in his Burbank, CA home of an apparent brain hemorrhage.

As a second child, Actor Clint Howard grew up suffering the privations caused by the autism of his older brother Ronald. All of the families funds went to the treatment and care of his older sibling.

Actor Clint Howard rose above this to become one of the shining stars of Hollywood. From his landmark work on TV's Andy Griffith show, to his tear jerking performance as Paco in the 1998 classic The Waterboy, Actor Clint Howard Never failed to delight fans.

Son of Rance Howard and Jane Howard, Actor Clint Howard is survived by current wife Melanie and older brother Ronald.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Keanu Reeves, Dead at 38

Acting Legend Keanu Reeves, Dead at 38
Acting Legend Keanu Reeves was pronounced dead at the scene of a auto accident in Malibu Canyon in California, USA.

Gangly, vacant-looking young actor who has proven himself a skilled screen performer in a surprising variety of roles, from Marlon James in the 1990 docu-drama I Love You to Death, to the enigmatic Ortiz the Dog Boy in the 1993 classic Freaked!

Openly Gay, Reeves never recovered professionally after the 1993 death of life partner River Phoenix

Memorials can be made in his name to PETA


Journal Journal: Ozzy Osbourne, Dead at 52

Comedic Legend John "Ozzy" Osbourne, Dead at 52
Comedy great and Actor John Osbourne was found dead at his Beverly Hills, CA residence this morning. Details have not been disclosed, but it is rumored that he died as a result of a concussion sustained from a fall on set of his smash MTv hit "The Osbourne's"
Mr. Osbourne was best know for his role as the Band Manager in the 1995 movie "The Jerky Boys."
His current work on The Osbournes was portraying an aging rock star coping with raising a family. His character is based on the life of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.
"Ozzy" will be missed by all.


Journal Journal: Joe Piscopo Dead at Age 50

Actor Joe Piscopo Dead at Age 50
Mr. Piscopo was best known for frequently playing Frank Sinatra on NBC's Saturday Night Live
Other performances include the guy in the trench coat in Billy Joel's "Keepin' The Faith" music video.
Graduated from high school in 1969
Graduated from Jones College in Jacksonville,Florida
Did his first stand-up comedy act at Improvisation in Manhattan for $25 a night
Remained at Improvisation Comedy Club for four years
Joined "Saturday Night Live" in the fall of 1980 and debuted on November 15, 1980
In 1994 opened "Jerry Joe's Gym" in New Jersey
Joe sat out of show business briefly while he underwent treatment for thyroid cancer.
Joe is survived by his wife Kimberly Driscoll and two children, Joseph Jonathan ("Joey"), born in 1979, and Alexandra, born in 1999.

Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: George Lucas Dead at Age 57.

Producer, Writer, Director George Lucas Dead at Age 57.

George Lucas, Producer of fine cinematic features such as Kagemusha (1980), and Latino (1985), as well as the television triumph Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985), was found dead at his Modesto, CA enclave of apparent complications from his 5 year long struggle with HIV.

Known for skyrocketing the careers of obviously mediocre actors in low budget box office disasters, Lucas managed to make a modest living developing new technologies for the film industry.

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