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Comment Re:OK, 35 years, then... (Score 1) 390

Doesn't seem to have hurt Robert Morris. He did roughly the same thing minus the copyright infringement, got convicted, and now is a professor at MIT.

Quite different. Morris's father (Robert Morris Sr.) was Director of the NSA, no less, at the time of the worm infestation. That ensured Morris Jr. got special treatment.

Comment Easy to fix (Score 2) 562

The $2 fee doesn't apply to "recurrent" credit card transactions--only to one-time payments. Just go online once a month as you'd have done to pay your bill and set the payment up as "recurrent".

Then, just after the bill's due date, go online again and disable the recurrent payment.

Repeat next month. This will get the message across loud and clear.

Comment Re:Medicine in America... (Score 1) 519

I had to LOL at that. The first part is because they're frazzled after being on a 36 hour working shift dealing with people taking their kids to the hospital merely because they have the sniffles. Ask a doc what "GOMER" means... get outta my ER...

That idiotic line of reasoning reminds me of a gardening service I used to hire: they came, mowed the lawn at a breakneck pace, and left 20 min later--without doing a lot of required pruning and maintenance. When confronted with that fact, they replied "But then we'd have to spend more time at your place--and we're supposed to service so many other customers the same morning!" I don't give a rat's ass about how your boss overschedules you; I'm paying your boss (i.e., you) to do a job, and it's up to you to work out your cost structure and/or charge what the market will bear given other competitors on the same arena.

As for "GOMER", that's another gem. I'll try it next time a client asks me for something I don't feel like providing. I'm sure that, given that physicians are cut no more slack than other professionals in the U.S., a remark of that kind will go over well and maybe even elicit a smile.

Comment Google cookie stolen from other Google services? (Score 1) 208

I know that Gmail can have a whole session over SSL, but what happens if I use another Google property, e.g., Maps, while logged into a secure Gmail session? Would Maps, Voice, etc. not pull out the cookie (created by Gmail) from my browser over HTTP, and would Firesheep not be able to sniff that transfer? Maybe the attacker could even open a non-secure Gmail session of his own over HTTP and read my email too...

Comment Re:Sounds Like Maggot Treatment (Score 1) 207

Human urine is NOT sterile when it comes out of the body during normal urination. It is sterile (in a healthy individual, of course) up to and including the bladder, but it can pick up all kinds of germs during its final trip down the urethra. To get sterile urine, you have to take it straight out of the bladder.

Comment Re:Seeing Arrington's rants... (Score 1) 175

Felix Dennis' "How to get rich" has many anecdotes about his climb to success. While the book is not really a recipe for getting rich :-), he makes this point over and over again: ownership and control of your venture are everything. Who controls a business can force its sale, implement a merger, fire you, take a great deal more money out of it than minority shareholders. Besides, usually not all shares are equal in power. Many tech startup founders diluted, inch by inch, their participation in their own companies to gain capital to expand and survive. Others, like Gates and Ellison, did not.

Comment Nothing to see here... (Score 5, Informative) 289

It looks exactly like the Chrome/Chromium browser, with a few more desktop icons and a weird window manager.

The only novelty is that the lack of a "shutdown" option seems to be intentional; the local machine is supposed to be stateless in the sense that it commits all transactions remotely before announcing their completion. Plan 9 also tried to achieve that goal, at least initially.

Kudos to the people who put these images together, though--they've saved many of us significant time.

Comment Quantitative results from the London experience (Score 1) 327

Admitted by the London police in this article: the extensive monitoring (each person can expect to be filmed ~300 times during a normal day) helps solve less than one crime/(1000 cameras*year).
It's not worth giving up your privacy, and spending the money that could be spent on putting more policemen on the street, for such an ineffective program.

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