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Comment MS Trueskill (Score 1) 192

The MS Trueskill system used in Halo 3 was concieved to create as fair a match as possible. On the surface the theory is very sound and the system is quite good. Unfortunately, it was ultimately broken my MS's oversights in marketing and misreading the intent of it's audience. The system is based on how "certain" it is of a persons rank. Losing games would make it more "certain" a person was that level. Meaning after a person starts breaking even in the W/L column, the system cements their rank there, and it takes long term streaks to change that value. The problem came in when gamers realized they could start a new account and rank up faster because their "certainty" varibale would begin anew with each new account. Again, not a huge problem until you realize M$ gives out one month trials of XBL like an crack dealer giving out first time free sample. The system lets he good players quickly advance and let newer players play people that are a good match for them. But with free accounts being unlimited, everyone just starts over on a new account as soon as they reach their peak, flooding the low levels with grossly mismatched games. What could have been a sound matching system was ruined by marketing.

Comment Bungie Sets Examples (Score 1) 81

One thing I think is missing from the discussion is what Bungie is doing to console gaming. There are a couple features in Halo 3 that used to be reserved for PC gamers. The ability to edit maps, take screeen captures, and save and review gameplay films is pretty huge in my opinion. Plus their integration with their website for these features is great. Early next year, they will launch their own version of "YouTube" where in game video is automatically uploaded to the user's channel and converted to usable video format.

Now that Bungie has done these features, and done them well, I know it raises the bar in terms of what I want out of a console shooter. I would hope that the ability to edit and share maps, screenshots, and flms becomes a trend in more games. It's great to be able to save and relive fun moments with friends without always running your games through the capture card.

It's hard to see how they wouldn't set trends seeing how Halo 3 still regularly rules the XBL unique user list, even with tons of other big name games on the market, and continue to rule the top of the original Xbox user charts with Halo 2.

Comment Re:Can Oscar's be given posthumously? (Score 1) 967

Ledger comes across as pure scary at times. Since you haven't seen it, I won't say much more, but I will say Ledger did an amazing job. Right down to his speech, facial mannerisms, and erratic changes in demeanor, he sells crazy. So much so that, for me, Batman was actually a secondary character.

The joker came off so dark, violent, and twisted that it made me several times wonder how the movie 1: stayed PG-13 and 2: Was still a Batman movie.

I'd have to say Ledger is the better Joker.


Submission + - 'Citizen Journalists' Evade Myanmar's Blackout (

ElvaWSJ writes: ""Citizen journalists" are breaking the news from Myanmar to the world. Witnesses are using cellphones and the Internet to beam out images of bloodied monks and street fires, subverting the government's effort to control media coverage."

Submission + - Consumerist Catches Geek Squad Stealing Porn ( 1

mekane8 writes: Consumer-advocate Blog Consumerist ran a sting operation to catch a Best Buy "Geek Squad" member searching for and stealing media files from a customer's computer. The main article includes the story with screen captures and a video of the technician's actions. See the Related Story from a former Geek Squad employee detailing the decline of the Geek Squad and Best Buy ethics in general.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - How do you get the best value building a PC?

ObiWanStevobi writes: Although I should ask before hand, I recently ordered everything I need to build a new PC. The high points of the system are a 3.2 Pentium D, ASUS ATX SLI Ready Motherboard, SLI Ready power supply, and GeForce 8500 Graphics card. I also added a DVDRW, DVDROM/CDRW combo drive, 250 Gig Seagate HD, 2 Gigs Kingston RAM, and a Wireless NIC. All of this in an ATX Mid Tower. Grand Total of ~$600. The best part is that I don't have Vista pre-installed.

Now this is not a great machine by current standards, but it is alot more bang for the buck than you can get from a manufacturer. I used TigerDirect and NewEgg to get all the hardware. Those are the sites I typically use at work and have been pretty reliable for me. But what I wonder is what everyone else is using to build their PCs. Where are you getting the most value these days?

Anyone have any particularly great machines they put together for much less than you would expect? What are your favorite discount hardware sites, or any to stay away from?

Submission + - "Free Enery Machine" Display Canceled (

PHPNerd writes: Holy snakeoil Batman, The Steorn Orbo exhibition has been canceled. Readers should remember that the Steorn Orbo is the product claimed to provide perpetual free and clean energy, and was going to be displayed in London for all to see. After missing their original display date and missing their second and delayed display date, Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy said the company "will explore alternative dates for the public demonstration." Obviously, either of two things occurred: the machine is a hoax (most likely) or it really works and the makers were paid off to never display the thing.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - YouTube sued for $1 Billion

charnov writes: "Viacom has filed suit against Google subsidiary YouTube for $1 billion for "massive intentional copyright infringement". Better copy off all your favorite Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1, and MTV videos before they go poof!"

Submission + - Computer job without IT or CS degree?

An anonymous reader writes: What's the best way to get a job in IT or programming without an IT or CS degree? I have a science degree with very light ancillary experience doing some basic IT support and programming. From an employer's perspective what's the best way to substitute for a lack of a IT/CS degree or real job experience — non-degree community college courses, extra CS college courses, certificates, or what? Do any of the MS software development certificates carry any weight at all or even help you get a foot in the door?

How does one even go about finding an entry level job? All the job ads seem to be for experienced people.

Submission + - How hard is it to get a tech job in California?

An anonymous reader writes: I have recently moved from the UK to San Francisco and am trying to get a tech job here. My experience has been difficult. I've had some interviews, but I find that getting feedback just does not happen. One of the companies is a (well known company) that told me they would get back in a week. I heard nothing for a month. Emailing them has produced no response. I assume I did not get the job, but is this typical of how companies treat candidates?

I have also applied to lots positions and got no response at all. This has been direct through comany websites and through job sites.

I was wondering if others can provide some insight into what I am doing wrong?

To give a bit of background I've worked for 10yrs in IT in programming and application support/operations. I also have a degree in Comp Sci.
The Internet

Submission + - China Says No More Internet Cafes

eldavojohn writes: "For many Chinese, internet access just got a little bit harder to acquire. For better or for worse, China will not be allowing anymore internet cafes to open this year. There are 113,000 internet cafes in China which serve as connection points for communities where personal internet connections are clearly not within the means given an average income. Considering recent stories and trends the Chinese government is taking, they aren't fooling around with 'protecting' their people from the 'forbidden fruit' of the internet."

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