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Comment Re:No problem! (Score 1) 571

I direct your attention to the Porsche 918 Spyder. 500hp engine, 218 additional horsepower available via electric motors, 7 speed sequential gearbox, 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds, 78mpg. Oh, and its top speed is in excess of 200mph, so that 100 mile commute won't even take you 30 minutes, traffic and speed traps permitting.

Comment Re:First Post !! (Score 1) 190

I mentioned it was running faster. In the short period of time I was playing with it this morning, I tested individual page load time on several websites, application start-up/initial page load time using the "Load the pages I had open last session" settings, and some simple responsiveness tests (loading up videos on youtube & etc.) on both Chrome and Firefox (individually, so that the system was in a relatively similar state for each trial.) Firefox seemed snappier when loading individual pages, started noticeably faster, and was generally more responsive than Chrome. Given, I'm not using Chrome Beta at the moment, so that could have something to do with it. But overall, it seems that Firefox has really gotten their game together. As for memory usage, my main computer is a laptop with 8gb ram, 6 of which are always in use running 2-3 virtual machines. Memory footprint matters greatly to me and is the reason I switched off of Firefox in the first place. The old memory leak that made it take 700mb ram after 2-3 days of constant running wasn't cutting it for me. Chrome tends to hang in the 200s, though on occasion it also jumps up into the 500 range, and, when certain pages start acting up, it'll eat up to 1.2gb. Of course, I tend toward months of uptime and upwards of 30 tabs at any given time, so it's a bit expected.

Comment Re:First Post !! (Score 3, Insightful) 190

I'll give you that it feels fat and slow in comparison to, say, elinks. I'll even give you that it's fat and slow in comparison to the first versions of Firefox. But in comparison to existing browsers, it trumps IE (obviously,) and, from the short time I've been using it, seems to be running faster with less of a memory footprint than Chrome. I won't lie, extensive testing will have to happen to make me switch, but things are looking up for Firefox right about now.

Submission + - Applications for Large UML Diagrams

OSDever writes: I'm currently formulating an idea for a project that is likely to require several hundred or even thousand separate classes, and, in order to keep everything organized, I would like to make use of the Unified Modeling Language. For some of my previous personal work I've used the open source application BOUML for UML diagramming; however, I'm well aware of its faults and would hesitate using it as my primary modeling application, especially if involving others (specifically since the documentation is desperately in need of an English editor to remove the French grammatical syntax, and the program has a bit of a learning curve for beginners unless they immerse themselves in the rather cryptic documentation.) As a result, I'm currently looking for a stable, well-tested modelling application capable of handling a large number of UML entities (but not necessarily displaying them all on one screen,) that allows easy integration into a versioning system, and preferably doesn't break the bank for a small startup project. What has /. used in its larger pet projects?

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