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Comment Re:Who watches the watchers? (Score 1) 203

Like the Finnish "censorship system" — I'm using that term very loosely here. It's mostly DNS-based for god's sakes — started out as "ZOMG CP", then they progressed over to censoring people critical of it. The next step currently in planning is censoring "money laundering websites" (?) and online gambling sites.

Wonder when they'll progress to censoring politically suspicious material...

Comment Re:47% (Score 1) 1038

French doesn't really have any cases anymore, if I recall correctly. Subjunctive is a mood, present in both English and French.

Since English doesn't have much of a case system either (just remnants, mostly), people whose native language makes heavy use of cases are actually at a disadvantage. For example, my native language is Finnish which is pretty pathological with cases: it's got 15 noun cases, yonks of verb conjugations and so on, and the language is agglutinative so it doesn't really have prepositions (of, on, from etc.) All in all, I had a hell of a hard time learning English because you people have to use all these little words for things we do just by poking more stuff onto a word. "Not on my table either" comes out as "pöydällänikään." I have no idea which case that word is in, much less what all the other cruft added onto it is called. Just because I speak a language that's laden with cases doesn't mean I'm any better at the grammar than someone who learned English as their native language. I just know them, just like you know how to use deflective verbs and probably don't have a clue what they are called.

Comment Re:the real WTF? (Score 1) 230

I don't know if you've heard, but there's this place called Earth. It's got lots of continents on it, like Africa, Eurasia, the Americas, and Australia. You might have noticed that I put "Americas" in plural as there's actually two of 'em there, North and South. Parts (not all of it) "North America" are covered by Google's Street View.

The more you know!

Comment Re:Respect (Score 1) 923

So it's as easy as asking god if he promised the guy the apartment or not? Then if god goes "no fucking way, he's a total liar man" you'll know he was being deceitful. That's ingenious, I tell you! This'll revolutionize the whole legal system: we can just ask god if the accused party is guilty or not.

Comment Re:A Solution in Search of a Problem (Score 1) 149

Proof that you can completely fail to understand the subject, (for some reason) post about it anyway, refer to something completely unrelated, and still get a +5 Insightful.

Could you (or anyone else, for that matter) elaborate on what's wrong with the GP's claim? I don't know much about cryptography and even less computational physics, so I have no idea what's wrong with this guy's statement.

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