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Comment There's a huge elephant in the room.... (Score 1) 265

....and that is that HTML5 video has apparently done nothing to address the CPU usage issues I was having with flash video. On OS X 10.5.8 HTML5 video playback on Youtube is *at least* as much of a resource hog as Flash. I was seeing my quad core system routinely hitting 100%+ CPU usage during playback of videos, where I'd usually expect around 85-90% with Flash. I was really holding out for this being the answer to my perpetual Youtube headaches. Good job I didn't hold my breath.

Comment Re:Should be a selling feature... (Score 3, Insightful) 265

You've got it the wrong way round. Yes, some of us are deaf, but most of us aren't. So if you need it, turn it on, not vice verse. I'm left handed, so I have to move the mouse to the other side of the keyboard every time I use someone else's computer or a public terminal. Do I have a problem with this? No. It's hardly a huge inconvenience (much like enabling annotations on a per-video basis isn't either), and the people that DO "suffer" this inconvenience represent only ~10% of the population. The hard of hearing I'm confident make up an even smaller group. I'm all for making things accessible, but having things turned on by default just so that a tiny % of the population don't have to omg click a button is political correctness gone insane. Besides, I don't know why you're getting so hot and bothered. As was clearly said already, this is only a limitation of the current beta. These features will undoubtedly be back to annoy the majority of us and appease yourself by the time it's fit for a full release.

Comment Re:Cart before the horse. (Score 1) 553

"Thats half-way there. Observe, then theorise, then make a prediction, and test that. The problem is that we have General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and both describe their own domains very well (the very large and very small, respectively) - but we have no way of combining the two into a single, unified theory." Paging Nassim Haramein. I went up to London last week to witness Haramein give a talk on a paper he has just submitted for peer review entitled "The Schwarzschild Proton" (Best Paper Award at the CASYS09 conference), where he outlines some very specific ways in which we can begin to unify the two apparently conflicting theories. He has a model for the mechanics of the Universe that dispenses with the need for String Theory, the Strong and Weak Forces, and Dark Matter, and can show how this model would fully support General Relativity all the way down to the Planck Scale.

Comment Re:Cheaper across the pond - for once (Score 1) 479

I say "for once" simply because the UK has a history of paying over-the-odds prices for almost everything when compared to the US. Look at the prices of consumer electronics, fuel, food, clothing, or pretty much anything else you can think of, and compare the UK prices to those of the US. For example, the new Canon EOS 500d is retailing over here at £869 (> $1250) compared to the $999 US price tag. After the most cursory investigation you may appreciate why I use the term "for once". Also, to clarify a point raised by a prior reply, I am getting a 24mbps ADSL2 service via BeUnlimited. Uncapped. £21.50 per month. Average realistic download of 19mbps, 1.5 mbps upload.

Comment Re:Change (Score 2, Informative) 904

Meh. As long as the whole violation of human rights thing has stopped I don't care.

The thing is, it hasn't. Shutting down one sector of Guantanamo Bay is not the same as cessation of human rights violations. Extraordinary rendition is still a fact. Moreover, there have been recent moves to reopen a USAF base in Kazakhstan - a base that was shut down under the Bush admin because of the appalling human rights track record in that country (and how bad does something had to have been for Bush to have distanced himself from it?). A former British ambassador to Kazakhstan has recently petitioned to have his evidence heard in a British hearing claiming that he saw intel passed to MI6 via the CIA that was obtained from extraordinarily renditioned prisoners in Kazakhstan ( ) - a number of whom were tortured to death whilst extracting information. This is political sleight of hand - closing down a section of Gitmo gives the impression that something is being done to address human rights issues - shipping kidnapped suspects off to other parts of the world to be subjected to interrogation under torture simply reveals that all this human rights talk was simply lip service being paid to garner public support during the election campaigns.

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