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Comment Re:Apple ][+ (Score 1) 857

1981. Bought biggest Apple ][ with biggest screen and 2 floppy drives and printer. And visicalc - because it was hard to tell what visicalc really did from published articles but easy to understand with it on the system. $5000. Yikes. This Apple store (an independent) was run on an Apple ][ and it took 30-40 minutes to get the transaction entered and the bill calculated and printed. Added C compiler and wrote a simple nroff and wrote my own Fed/State tax program each year to do the calculations, 1881-86.

Comment Re:Cold weather? (Score 1) 198

Tesla warms (or cools) the battery as necessary before and during charging to ensure the system works. At a SuperCharger recharging at outside temp of 106 degrees F it is faintly amusing to hear the fans in the charging cars all working hard to keep the batteries cool. If cold enough it would probably take a while to heat the batteries enough to really get charging started,....but I have no personal experience of that and am sort of guessing.

Comment Re:How many charge/discharge cycles? (Score 1) 198

This is not quite the right question to ask as it hints that 'charging is charging' and 'batteries are batteries'. But Tesla goes to great lengths to control battery temp (cooling or heating the batteries as needed) and charge rate during charging to ensure the best possible batter life. Leaf just hopes you won't let the batteries get too hot or cold when charging (unsure about temp control while driving). I admit I don't quite know how to phrase the 'right question' :-)

Comment Re:Not to rain on the parade, but... (Score 1) 198

Nope. On a long trip most stops will be 20 minutes at a SC and for a really long leg (or one up a mountain or in really cold or hot temperatures) one might, once in a while, take an hour. The distance between Super Charger stops would be 100-140 miles, usually. Driving from San Francisco to Palm Desert we stopped more than 20 minutes just once. To eat.

Comment Re:That's, for better or worse, for a court to dec (Score 1) 219

Jason Levine is exactly right. A second critical change needed is to eliminate the Berne Convention from the US. That copyright feature forces copyright on everything you jot down. Whether you want copyright or not. Copyright should be, again, something one requests through specific action (such as writing it in the work) rather than being automatic.

Comment Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu (Score 1) 435

Had a Mac Air, but replaced with Dell XPS 13 developer edition with Linux (Ubuntu) using the Gnome Flashback Metacity, not the default Unity at login. Yes, Dell sells it with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed. Long battery life, light weight, avoid the Apple bugs and misfeatures.

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