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Comment Cablecards and DVRs controlling 4 streams (Score 1) 536

Its called Windows 7 media center, yes it is a microsux product. Now every pc that meets minimum specs can run the ATI DCT (digital cable tuners) with cablecards by running the digital cable advisor. This allows you to easily setup a four tuner dvr which will allow you to share tv shows with other PCs running windows and also stream live feeds plus recorded shows to extenders. With the new firmware of the ATI tuners (1.19) the shows are no longer encrypted unless specified by the network. In my area San Francisco bay area even showtime and hbo are not encrypted. If a show is you can still stream it to the extenders without a problem you just can not share it with other PCs. So yes you can have a four tuner HD dvr for a monthly cost of nothing, since S cards (a type of cablecard) are free in my area (SF comcast) it beats paying 20 bucks a month for the comcast two tuner DVR imo. If you want more info check (a microsoft supported site).

Intel Cache Poisoning Is Dangerously Easy On Linux 393

Julie188 writes "A researcher recently released proof-of-concept code for an exploit that allows a hacker to overrun an Intel CPU cache and plant a rootkit. A second, independent researcher has examined the exploit and noted that it is so simple and so stealthy that it is likely out in the wild now, unbeknownst to its victims. The attack works best on a Linux system with an Intel DQ35 motherboard with 2GB of memory. It turns out that Linux allows the root user to access MTR registers incredibly easily. With Windows this exploit can be used, but requires much more work and skill and so while the Linux exploit code is readily available now, no Windows exploit code has, so far, been released or seen. This attack is hardware specific, but unfortunately, it is specific to Intel's popular DQ35 motherboards."

Head First Rails 57

Anita Kuno writes "I suggested Head First Rails to a friend before I even finished it. He was asking me questions that I didn't have time to answer, and I knew the book could explain better than I. My friend is impatient, and I was uncertain what his experience would be. At first he was frustrated, but I assured him the answers were in the book. The incremental style of Head First Rails includes some exercises that are designed to fail to reinforce the learning process. I was confident that his answer would be found in the pages and he trusted me enough to go back and continue the exercises. He later told me he is very happy with the book and grateful that I suggested it." Read on for the rest of Anita's review.

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