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Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 1) 236

Is there a reason you add it to your Contacts list, instead of just blocking the number itself?

I don't have an iPhone, but according to Apple Support, you can go to your call log (called "Recents") and block the number without having to add it. Apparently you click on the "i" icon and scroll to the bottom.

With an Android phone, you can go into your call log, long press the number you want to block and then select the block option.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 539

According to Rothenberg:

AdBlock-Plus took to the digisphere to complain over and over that IAB had “disinvited” them to this convention. That, of course, is as much a lie as the others they routinely try to tell the world. We had never invited them in the first place. They registered for this event online. When we found out, we cancelled the registration and reversed their credit card billing.

So, they weren't "uninvited". That would be a "lie". No, they were banned outright. Cuz that's better.

Comment Infinity Popup Toolkit (Score 1) 165

There are a lot of posts about bundled software being installed by default (like toolbars), but this is just the example from the article's intro. The article is actually about the "Infinity Popup Toolkit". This is not an application that you install on your PC - it's a bunch of JavaScript and Flash code that runs from a web page. Its purpose is to bypass your popup/ad blocker and security controls so that it can show you popup ads.

The question was whether this should be considered malware, since the definition of malware is somewhat vague. The conclusion was that it clearly is malware and should be blocked. This is seems quite obvious, since the software's intention is to ignore your wishes (blocking popups) in order to show you ads. It's quite clear that no one would WANT to run this software, because if they wanted to see popups (which is no one ever), then they wouldn't turn on their popup/ad blocker in the first place.

Comment Re:AAA studio? (Score 5, Funny) 170

Anytime an article acknowledges an "AAA title", this is all anyone asks. AAA ain't an acronym. Actually, it alludes to an academic grading arrangement (as adminstered in the U.S. of A.). For games, an "A" applies to advertising allotment, another "A" to amazing game play, as well as an "A" for fanancial succass. At farst, at was davalopers usang tha term, but than vidao jaurnalists, game raviewars and saftware campanaes startad ta call tham AAA gamas. Aftar a faw yaars, pablashars startad cansadaraaa gaaas ta ba AAA bafara ralaasa, whaah than jaatafaad larga aavalapaant and maraatang baaaaaa. Asaaaaaaaaaaa, an aaa aaaaa aaa aaaaaaa.

Comment Re:Is there an extension that...? (Score 1) 353

Sometimes "Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus" can help with that. It can block an HTML element based on its name, id, size, etc. When you use it, it selects the element under your mouse pointer and outlines it in red. Then you can use the hotkeys (there's a handy popup that displays them) to select the exact element you want and block it.

It's also useful for blocking certain ad boxes. As long as the element has some kind of identifying feature, you should be able to block it. Some sites get around it by randomizing the name/id or not having any identifying features.

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