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Comment Re:Let's assume it's true... (Score 1) 424

Ubisoft's PC series that are not ports are the Settlers and Anno series, which are high strategic real-time city-building games that SimCity abandoned long ago because they realized there is no market. That demographic probably is mainly advanced users.

That being said, I hope Ubisoft does not give up on those series, as those are my favorite types of games. I have every Anno game despite the incredibly shitty DRM.If Ubisoft gets out of this market the only thing left of the genre is Tropico, which isn't doing so well as 4 was just a psuedo-expansion of 3 and didn't even add new music.


Submission + - The White House Responds to We the People Petition (

Nysul writes: The White House, aiming to gather the opinion (or marketing data) of the internet nation, asked for our thoughts by creating the We the People site and now it has responded to some of the more popular petitions, such as marijuana reform and separation of church and state. You probably won't be surprised at the answers.

Comment Re:Sorry state of affairs. (Score 1) 166

The same thing exists in the US, but for some reason everyone only considers AT&T & Verizon, which I consider more business-class operators. Do you really need access in bumfuck nowhere, or do you use your cellphone 99.9% in metro areas? We have lot of other providers that have cheaper services, offer more benefits such as unlimited data, and while they might not have the iphone they do have android phones. One example is metroPCS, unlimited everything including 4g for $40-60. Sprint has something similar for $70. Boost mobile has unlimited 3g/calling for $50. But no, we Americans like to have the latest and greatest and have the same cell phone service everyone else has, so we stick with the same two providers, happily pay $0.15/text message, consider 2g caps a steal, and wonder why we continuously get shafted.

Comment Re:Damn Tea Party! (Score 2) 277

This is a committee vote, which I'm pretty sure is based on seniority, so the freshmen tea partiers wouldn't have a part. Save your anger for when the house/senate inevitably vote on it, and call/write (do not email or use chain-letter forms) your congressperson to prevent it from passing, which hopefully we can do, although I'm cynical.

Submission + - Third Massive Leak of AZ Officer Info (

Nysul writes: Ex-LulzSec hacker/cracker group AntiSec just released a third torrent of AZ Officer accounts, passwords, and emails. AntiSec claims the emails contain jokes about torturing "ragheads", anti-muslim/racist emails, and pornography.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony Network Attacked Again (

An anonymous reader writes: A hacker group has claimed it has attacked the Sony network and stolen more than one billion passwords, email addresses and other information.

Lullz Security said it broke into servers which run

It said it had hacked into a database that included unencrypted passwords as well as names, addresses, credit card numbers, and dates of birth of Sony customers.

In April, hackers broke into Sony's PlayStation Network and stole data from more than 66 million accounts.


Submission + - hacked, 1M accounts compromised

An anonymous reader writes: The pain for Sony continues. Today the company finally managed to get the PlayStation Store back online fully and new content uploaded, but that won’t be the biggest Sony headline of the day. Hacker group LulzSec is claiming to have successfully hacked and accessed 1 million user accounts including passwords, e-mail addresses, full home addresses, and date of birth. LulzSec stated that they also managed to get the details of all admin accounts for the website.

Comment Re:MMO bubble officially popped? (Score 1) 90

Lord of the Rings Online is a good deal if you can find the boxed Mirkwood expansion in stores. You can essentially play the majority of the game for $20-30. It won't include the midrange level quests but those are discounted all the time and you can either buy those with points you get just for playing or grind mobs (all areas are accessible).

The free to play model can work pretty well if done right. You can buy some stat increases, but those are not very significant (and can be earned in game). The rest of the shop is mostly cosmetics or "stuff you can get if you have the time".

However, I'm not sure if they are giving enough points to subscribers or adding new items to make it worth it in the long run. However, I am having fun and if you're on the Crickhollow unofficidal-new-RP server add my character Tromad as a friend.

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