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Comment Re:Still (Score 1) 394

Those who receive treatment don't live long enough to die of old age unless they contracted it late in their life. (Very rare cases are an exception and I've not seen any). The longest amount of time a person has lived with HIV and hasn't gotten AIDS, that I could find mind you, was up to 25 years, and I'm going to bet that person was rich out of his mind.

While there are too many factors to determine how long average joes can live with HIV/AIDS, and that it varies from person to person, it is still complete and total bullcrap to say people rarely die of it these days--even more so to then proceed and call me a twit. That's extremely mature, let me tell you. I can see why you'd post as anonymous.

You're obviously not aware of Africa, and I doubt good treatment that would allow you to live that long with HIV/AIDS is affordable to people in general (And I dont mean just Africa). I would ask you to correct me if I'm wrong but I can tell you're not worth hearing from.

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