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Submission + - Software bug caused Qantas Airbus A330 to nose-div

pdcull writes: "According to this article, the Australian Transport Safety Board found that a software bug was responsible for a Qantas Airbus A330 nose-diving twice while at cruising altitude, injuring 12 people seriously and causing 39 to be taken to hospital.

The event, which happened three years ago, was found to be caused by an airspeed sensor malfunction, linked to a bug in an algorithm which 'translated the sensors' data into actions, where the flight control computer could put the plane into a nosedive using bad data from just one sensor.' A software updated was installed in November 2009, and the ATSB concluded that 'as a result of this redesign, passengers, crew and operators can be confident that the same type of accident will not reoccur.'

I can't help wondering just how could a piece of code, which presumable didn't test its' input data for validity before acting on it, become part of a modern jet's onboard software suit?"

Submission + - Ubiquiti AirOS attacked by skynet virus (

KnightMB writes: "A variant of the skynet virus has been found out in the wild that will infect Ubiquiti radios via the AirOS software. The purpose of the virus is to spread to other radios also with the added bonus of doing an air capture of packets to pull out logins and cookies that pass through. Later to be retrieved by unknown 3rd party. The vendor of the hardware/software has been contacted about the issue. The vendor expects a fix very soon."

Submission + - Blizzard sues Pocket Gnome World of Warcraft bot c (

An anonymous reader writes: Blizzard Entertainment does not like bots operating in World of Warcraft, and demonstrated that by taking the company behind WOWGlider to court a few years ago, winning damages, and shutting the bot down. Now a new bot has appeared, and Blizzard is attempting exactly the same thing with another lawsuit. This new bot is called Pocket Gnome and is offered by Ceiling Fan Software. It only runs on Intel-powered Macs, but Blizzard still wants it gone.

Comment Re:Crazy idea, I know... (Score 1) 424

I've had my account hijacked once on Steam, and thought I'd never get it back because of the same "proof" problem you mentioned. I emailed Steam support with a product activation key from an email receipt (I think it was Half Life 2) and they used this as proof that I was the legitimate account owner and set things straight within a day. Its not nearly like you're making it out to be.
Classic Games (Games)

How Do I Create a Spiritual Game Successor? 125

An anonymous reader writes "I've recently been on a legacy video game binge, reliving the nostalgic days, when I realized that one of my favorite old games can be vastly improved with a few tweaks. This game is pretty much made for a controller, so I would love to get it done on Xbox Live, but doing it on the PC is just as viable. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure the game is not in the public domain yet. Based on previous stories covered here, some companies are all for community made successors while others choose to give them the crushing blow from the start. My question is: how far is too far when one is trying to make a spiritual successor? I do not intend to copy any materials, but it would be lovely if I could incorporate some game design ideas (very general level design, movement, and just one or two game features)."

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