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Journal Journal: 3rd Logic Board Failed

It happened in late January only a few weeks after my Apple Care expired but Apple honored the Apple Care anyway. I told the Apple employee what was wrong and he looked at my info saw that I had two logic board replacements already. Apple replaced the logic board and the hdd (that probably failed because of the logic board).

Lucky for me I had a backup of my hdd so I didn't lose my critical files and photos.


Journal Journal: My 2nd IBook Logic Board

It failed.
It failed.
I have Apple Care.

Dropped it off Monday (5/31), got it back Friday (6/4). I wonder how many logic boards I will go through.

User Journal

Journal Journal: i lied in my post

i actually don't use a mouse pad but i use an ikea placemat. its a large flat smooth surface. i use that because with mousepad would roll of the edge and have poor aim while gaming. the placemat offers a large, less resistance surface area where i wont slide off while aiming around my mouse.


Journal Journal: iBook Petition

if your iBook died, you'll probably want to sign this petition. if there is a class action suit, you will get a check for 25-cents and the law firm will get a few millions.


Journal Journal: fnIBook DIED, i begin my ordeal with apple care

11/16/2003 approx. 1am:
my friend plugs in his 15gb iPod to my 600mhz iBook so he can charge it overnight.

11/16/2003 morning:
my iBook is dead. i manually reboot and hear the startup tone but the LCD is still black. this same problem happened to my friend and i actually witnessed it, so i kinda have an idea that the logic board is dead.

11/16/2003 morning: i call apple care and they run me through some test and my ibook is still dead. they said they can mail out a package to me, so i can send back my iBook. I tell them that there is an apple store near me and I will take it there to see if they can do anything.

11/16/2003 early afternoon: the guy at the apple store says there is nothing to do and that they can send it back, i said, that's okay, i will just mail it back to myself. i wanted to have the ibook sent from my work place and then delivered back to my work place rather than go to the apple store to pick it up.

11/16/2003 afternoon: the apple care guys says that they will send out a package to me and i might get it Monday or Tuesday because their database is being updated. (note to self: if you hear "our database is being updated" or "i need the key" hangup or leave the store. these are synomyns for "kiss your shit goodbye")

11/17/2003: no package

11/18/2003: i call apple and they say that the package was never sent out but they will send it today.

11/19/2003: i called airborne express to see if i will get my package, they said that its still in transit and i will get it tomorrow 11/20/2003

11/20/2003 lunch time
i entered my tracking number:

"11/18/03 7:23am Picked Up by Airborne. Shipper's Door"

so i called them because i have seen this same screen for the past few days. the guy tells me that the package hasnt even been shipped out of their warehouse yet. IE its fucking lost man! the package was suppose to be sent overnight. fuck it. i will have the apple store, deal with it.

went to the apple store dropped off my ibook and asked the apple ppl to take of it.

called apple and asked if my ibook was fixed. he replied that apple doesnt receive shipments on the weekends

apple has rec'd my iBook and i have been refresing the page looking for status "repaired"
sons of bitches!

11/25/2003: my ibook back! everything is good again!

my ibook died. my friend's died the same way and he got his back in three days. of course, i won't get back mine for three weeks! (that is just speculation though).

Media (Apple)

Journal Journal: indie rock aint noise pollution

I started playing with iTunes more and added 7 new albums, two of them which I havent listened to since they were released which are Flying Saucer Attack's Distance and The Rachels' Handwritings. Currently, iTunes is holding 1.80GB/371 songs of songs. Also reviewed some of iTunes built-in radio stations, SomaFM supplied a healthy dose of indie rock/college radio not the "alternative" bands.
PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: gearing up for a LAN party

One of the games is BF1942 mod Eve of Destruction ... finally, a mod with decent helicopter controls. the version i played tonight was 12% does that violate some copyrights. in anycase, i played the map "Charlie Cant Surf" (does that send a hint of a copyright violation?). Its all about the Hueys...I actually got a decent gunner who didnt bail out when I was over a flag. I flew in a wide circle so he could strafe VC in the village. That was a tons o' funs. I returned to the US base still in badly damaged Huey which I managed to land however I landed on a non-flat surface and flipped my Huey. This mod might take me away from Desert Combat....Fiction One out.


Journal Journal: 600mhz ibook! yeah

March 30th 2003 purchased a 600mhz iBook w/ airPort and sold my old 366mhz iBook on eBay.


Journal Journal: Got a 98 Saab 900s Turbo

This has nothing to do with technology I just wanted to update my journal with non-news.


Journal Journal: OS X

So I have OS 10.2 (commonly known as Jaguar) running on the iBook. After two installs I got the OS I sorta want, let me explain. First install, I installed all the lang. packages, which I would never ever use at all. So I reinstalled and I used the Unix File hard drive appears as"/" on my desktop. I can change it however it resets itself back to "/". Maybe Apple's HFS wasnt so bad.

So far the iBook is mostly for IMing and surfing, however, I did take it to one meeting and took notes in Excel.

In the one deck circle, "iCal"....

User Journal

Journal Journal: my new iBook

- a 366 MHz PowerPC G3 processor;
- a 10GB IDE hard drive- a 400 Mbps FireWire- a CD-ROM drive
- an AV port
- ATI RAGE Mobility 128 8MB
- 320mb of RAM

...installing OS X as we speak

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